Main War declaration thread

(Predvodnica LSG) #905

Hint: it already did but the Big Players keeps the old image and illusion until they get out of their money and after that, they will not care for you … :blush:

(Ima Wreckyou) #906

Sure? Are you playing yet? Last time I checked I could still butcher carebears

(Predvodnica LSG) #907

Enjoy till it lasts :blush:

(Ima Wreckyou) #908

And you wait and continue crying while we have fun playing :rofl: gold.

(Aergri Evingod) #909

Honestly I have no idea about any of this I read some postst, two articles one different websites and only Thing I feel is that the suggestions are treading in circles of Abandon wardec now because wardec destroys the game for economic focused People.

Sort of seems like a frozen discussion that appears with high sec gankers and Miners, industrialists.

So far Looking at the war System of eve I find that there are different aims, the null/sov war aims to evict alliances from a place, the w-space war aims to evict Players from a place. The high sec war aims to invict financial Damage and evict Players from … all of eveonline? … not sure here myself.

In so far Maybe and Maybe not a Change of the wardec System yet a providing of an war territory Setting in the war declaration that affects the prize might be a solution. Or a war declaration Zone Warrant that a corporation has to pay to declare and uphold a war within a certain Region might be a idea.
The Price per Region should be reasonable yet with each additional Region grow exponetial, this scaling is sounding similar to the scaling of Costs territorial large Military campaigns in the real world.
Additional it might lead to something resembling a Turf structure and Corps might request financail aid from null alliances.

Well I don’t Think wardeccing is broken, just a bit aimless Maybe … I think wardeccing can stay,

(Kharina Viliana) #910

seems like my topic on npc’s in space got merged into this topic…funny.

(Mao Alar) #911

War Dec Fu—Ed up, So with out a structure you can not even offer to assist in a war. BAD, BAD BAD.
So how you going to wardec a crop to take there poco???
Got to put up a station just to wardec or help in a war??? So will an of line pos work???

Who paid some one for this bad idea. How is the under dog going to get a foot hold. NOT! what is the use.

It is like EVE changes the game so they can have a reason for their getting a pay check. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Probably not making friends here but come on, better nerff concord so the good guys can fight the terrorist. Seams like in EVE the bigger your a Richard Cranium (dick head, ass hole etc…) you are the more the game mechanics favor you. So if you want to play the good guy, you play to loose.

(Winston Onzo) #912

you could always try to gank the caravan if you see it.

(safira jomita) #913

I would say it another way: the fighter would be wearing complete combat armor and a shotgun, the judge would tell him:" if you fight him like this you are done" the fighter off course will do it anyway, and after his opponent is shot in the head, the police appears and shoot him down, and in his last words, he say" dam this ring is too safe" course someone would say: “if he liked weapons so much why don’t he enlisted and gone to a warzone?” xD