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Hint: it already did but the Big Players keeps the old image and illusion until they get out of their money and after that, they will not care for you … :blush:

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Sure? Are you playing yet? Last time I checked I could still butcher carebears

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Enjoy till it lasts :blush:

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And you wait and continue crying while we have fun playing :rofl: gold.

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Honestly I have no idea about any of this I read some postst, two articles one different websites and only Thing I feel is that the suggestions are treading in circles of Abandon wardec now because wardec destroys the game for economic focused People.

Sort of seems like a frozen discussion that appears with high sec gankers and Miners, industrialists.

So far Looking at the war System of eve I find that there are different aims, the null/sov war aims to evict alliances from a place, the w-space war aims to evict Players from a place. The high sec war aims to invict financial Damage and evict Players from … all of eveonline? … not sure here myself.

In so far Maybe and Maybe not a Change of the wardec System yet a providing of an war territory Setting in the war declaration that affects the prize might be a solution. Or a war declaration Zone Warrant that a corporation has to pay to declare and uphold a war within a certain Region might be a idea.
The Price per Region should be reasonable yet with each additional Region grow exponetial, this scaling is sounding similar to the scaling of Costs territorial large Military campaigns in the real world.
Additional it might lead to something resembling a Turf structure and Corps might request financail aid from null alliances.

Well I don’t Think wardeccing is broken, just a bit aimless Maybe … I think wardeccing can stay,

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seems like my topic on npc’s in space got merged into this topic…funny.

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War Dec Fu—Ed up, So with out a structure you can not even offer to assist in a war. BAD, BAD BAD.
So how you going to wardec a crop to take there poco???
Got to put up a station just to wardec or help in a war??? So will an of line pos work???

Who paid some one for this bad idea. How is the under dog going to get a foot hold. NOT! what is the use.

It is like EVE changes the game so they can have a reason for their getting a pay check. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

Probably not making friends here but come on, better nerff concord so the good guys can fight the terrorist. Seams like in EVE the bigger your a Richard Cranium (dick head, ass hole etc…) you are the more the game mechanics favor you. So if you want to play the good guy, you play to loose.

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you could always try to gank the caravan if you see it.

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I would say it another way: the fighter would be wearing complete combat armor and a shotgun, the judge would tell him:" if you fight him like this you are done" the fighter off course will do it anyway, and after his opponent is shot in the head, the police appears and shoot him down, and in his last words, he say" dam this ring is too safe" course someone would say: “if he liked weapons so much why don’t he enlisted and gone to a warzone?” xD

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Is anyone out there?

I’m looking for threads where people actually in wardecs give their opinion on the state of things with regard to the current changes?

How have war dec alliances been affected? Have the numbers of targets dropped by alot?

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Hello Everyone,

Old time player but new character… I recently seen the notes about the war mechanics being switched up and also new changes coming in 2019 so this quickly got my attention. I do agree with the changes that there must be some kind of common goal when declaring war… even in real life when a country declares war on another there’s always some sort of objective…

Take Vietnam or WW2 when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor and wanted to press inwards to US land etc… The goals are to over take and capture not just kill kill kill which sadly the latter of those is what War Decs have become.

War’s should not be about JUST killing / griefing newbs and they CERTINTLY shouldn’t be about camping trade hubs and flying up n down the major pipes looking for haulers n such…

Where are the days when you could use locator agents and add people to watch list n such and actually hunt or track down your targets?

Back when I’d do wars I actually utilized public resources available to me… I’d use EVEWho or EVE-Kill and Battleclinic to find corporations that I would war dec and look up their members, look at the systems they frequented and what ships they flew and kept track of time zones when they seemed most active, made spreed sheets for all of this and the performances showed…

Most of the corps I ran were small… maybe 6-10 people at most all of us good friends n such but we held our own. I remember we had a corp called Salvation Army. we wardeced a lot of Faction Warfare for the longest time using opposing faction space as staging where they could not follow and using our locators and intel we gathered to get the drop on bigger fleets knowing they had logi etc…

zKill is a bit behind if I remember Squizz said the database crashed awhile back and kills were lost etc… but was the corp and we had 90% efficiency for the longest time. another corp with a lot of good kills and wars vs other corps that weren’t just miners 93%+ efficiency

these are the days I remember tho… we had to actually go fight people and use locators to find them and track em down etc… It was fun because we didn’t just camp a station or trade hub or trade line/pipe like Marmite and other big war corps do/did… I don’t wanna say the entirety of Marmite or other corps/alliances did this but there’s a good chunk of people who just camp trade hubs, friend of mine was recently in Marmite and said they had small gangs that’d roam but even he said it was nothing like when we had Salvation Army. or Kamikaze Tactics going.

Just my 2 cents what ever CCP does I hope they get rid of the dull/stale feeling of camping trade hubs n such… bring back watchlists n such… bring back being able to look at peoples standings or maybe pay locators to be able to view the players standings for x amount of time like 10 mins idk and then go off that information of where they could be IE: look at their highest corp standings and then look at where all the agents are for that corp and visit those areas maybe you run into them idk…

just please give us something to do other than camping gates/stations waiting for a fight because that ■■■■ drove me away from the game… I wanna do something with my game time not just sit there staring at the screen… also I don’t wanna station grind either… if I wanted to kill citadels I’d go join a null sec alliance.

STOP forcing it down our throats CCP.

Note: Yes I know earlier I said there needs to be a goal or some kind of objective but it doesn’t / shouldn’t have to result in killing a citadel…

Make some kind of random varibles to choose from like make x amount of X or get x amount of ship kills but = to x amount of ISK idk… and then base it off how many people are in the corp n such… give us options so it’s not boring… hell for like contracts maybe a corp is hiring another corp to kill someone who is in corp X so only that 1 character is a war target the rest of that corp is safe BUT the rest of the corp doesn’t know who the target is either???

tons of things to do with this just please make it good CCP don’t screw this up…

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shall i make another “resurrect WIS” thread? I’ll happily do it

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Actually in nam the goal was body count.

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How many people can actually bring a meaningful war to bear on any target that matters to them? The near unilateral ability to avoid war is a reason for why they’re so frivolous.

Anybody who’s a thorn in your side in highsec is almost certainly abusing the safety of CONCORD and alt anonymity to shield themselves from any consequences of what they do. As to those who don’t, I think anyone could guess that they’re probably newbies who haven’t learned how to abuse those systems yet.

The rise of ganking and bumping is likely a direct result of making wars untenable for those who do not have piles of isk to throw away testing out every available target to see if any wars stick.

If we want wars to be meaningful, then they have to be able to accomplish something meaningful, and nobody’s going to willingly opt in to a meaningful vulnerability. The more ‘opt in’ wars become, the less they will actually matter.

Long story short, I think newbies bear the brunt of wars because the more experienced and more valuable targets have solved the safety equation for themselves and continue to use the newbie as a living shield as they press onward to secure their respective wealth fountains.

Give newbies the chance to fight for their own causes and wars will have meaning, or at least relatively more of it than they do today.

*edited addendum*

I think we’re conflating two very different concepts with the structure wardec revamp. Those two things being the rules of war, and the reasons for war. Further, I think these concepts share a mutually exclusive relationship. When there are no rules, wars can be fought for any reason. As you add more rules, those rules make more reasons inapplicable or impractical. After a certain point, like the bounty system, the rules and restrictions make the only applicable reason to use the system ‘for the lulz’. Blanket ‘for no reason’ wardecs become the more common type as the ability to enforce an objective for whatever reason a player may have is stripped away.

I agree that wars should have purpose. I do not think that making wars complicated, expensive, restricted, or legislated will have the desired effect. I agree that new players need a degree of protection, but I believe that protection should level the playing field against older players rather than remove options the new player would otherwise have had.

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ummm no there was indeed an objective to the whole thing… and the goal wasn’t body count…

During [World War II], Japanese forces invaded Vietnam. To fight off both Japanese occupiers and the French colonial administration, political leader [Ho Chi Minh] inspired by Chinese and Soviet communism—formed the Viet Minh, or the League for the Independence of Vietnam.

Following its 1945 defeat in World War II, Japan withdrew its forces from Vietnam, leaving the French-educated [Emperor Bao Dai] in control. Seeing an opportunity to seize control, Ho’s Viet Minh forces immediately rose up, taking over the northern city of Hanoi and declaring a Democratic Republic of Vietnam (DRV) with Ho as president.

Seeking to regain control of the region, France backed Emperor Bao and set up the state of Vietnam in July 1949, with the city of Saigon as its capital.

Both sides wanted the same thing: a unified Vietnam. But while Ho and his supporters wanted a nation modeled after other communist countries, Bao and many others wanted a Vietnam with close economic and cultural ties to the West.

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A person who believes Nixon’s propaganda.

(Tidus Ryver) #921

That would require me to even know that the bit I put above was from Nixon or his propaganda… I was just merely posting from what I found on a quick Google search and from what I can see as a general consensus… If you have actual PROOF the war was about body count then please show it cause so far you’ve not done anything except disagree with me.

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I remember it, that’s all the proof I need.

But really if you go beyond Google to some kind of indepth documentary you will find all sorts of information about how body count was used to convince congress and every day people that we were winning the war.

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Ok but even if that’s what OUR objective was that wasn’t what started the war in the 1st place… It’s not like we woke up one day and were like… YEAH LETS GO SEE HOW MANY BODIES WE CAN GET.

There was some sort of objective to the war and from what I can see it all had to do with North Vietnam trying to take over South etc…

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Oh they had been at it for decades, before us was the French. But those were not our reasons.

Anyway we are way off topic.