Major UI Bug: Buttons to hide/show Route, System Info, Agency, PI no longer function, can't unhide critical info

Ran into a very frustrating bug that has left me unable to do any PI or view my route infromation at all.

For some reason the small buttons that are above the current system information that you would normally click on to hide it’s corresponding ui overlay have stopped functioning.

When I click on the buttons absolutely nothing happens. Currently my Route and Agency progress are hidden and I cannot unhide them because when I click on the button nothing happens. I can’t see my route at all anymore.

What’s worse is that when I go into Planetary Mode, my PI controls are hidden and the little icon (the saturn looking icon of the planet with the rings) that you use to show/hide the PI controls is completely missing so I can’t do any PI.

I’ve attached a screen shot in Planetary Mode, notice how I have no controls and the PI show/hide button is completely missing!

I’ve already done the basics like resetting window positions to defaults and deleting/redownloading the shared cache etc.

I had to completely delete my Eve profile and relogin to fix this. I remembered to backup my Overview settings before deleting my profile at least. Forgot to backup my saved fittings though. And of course had to completely redo all my configuration settings, shortcut key bindings, window settings. Such a hassle…

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