PI bug - discovered 19.11.2023

Hey, as a short notice:

A pretty annoying bug showed up after todays login.

After I had to turn on again my PI today I had over and over again the situation that the Start/cancel window disappears or even never showed up.
I had to exit planet view and start all over again…

Pls check - THX!

This happens…you can only exit and start again

To be exact - all PI menues disappear sometimes in the moment u press “start extraction”

I’ve seen the same. Not nice when (as you need to if you want to actually get something useful out of PI) you have at least a double-digit number of toons doing PI…

I wonder if that’s why I can’t buy data cores, the agent won’t recognise that I have over 100k points lol.

#Feature, give them more money, or dont.

you really expect ■■■■ to change?

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