Make asteroid appear on d-scan

If you are tired of it then stop doing it…don’t come here looking for a new easy button…

I’m not sure I’d consider focused deep scans an easy button. Spamming warp is a lot simpler.
And this encourages miners to use deep scan as well.

I like it. It rewards smart play, teaches game systems, and does nothing for the ignorant.


The problem is that on smaller systems, they just hit the easy, I mean D-Scan, get a picture of the whole system and then fly to where the rocks are…that’s way too easy and also re-raises the question of why not have that for rats too then…QoL after all…

Deep scan doesnt give direction. So there is no press one deep scan, get a picture of the system and fly to the rocks. Please don’t deliberately falsify how it works.

What they have to do a 5 degree system of each belt and make sure only one belt is in that arc which may still involve a few warps. Since pointing at a further away planet usually gets all the belts at that stage anyway.

And yes, rats should appear on deep scan, most of the new ones in fact do appear on deep scan.

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Calm down…I never stated how it works, I stated how the OP wants it to work…

The OP wanted to see if specific belt had rocks or not and that would also be part of the QoL “improvement”…The “align to” method saves a bit of time but as you said some warping is usually needed to be 100% sure. At best this may save a few minutes but IMO it’s not worth it and just screams of miners wanted it easier.

I’m also against rats appearing too… :crazy_face:

No, because that’s not what the OP asked for at all.
Brilliant straw man though. Invent a fake request for a super Dscan then argue against it.
The OP just asked for asteroids to show up on the existing deep scan mechanics.

And well… being against rats showing up, LMAO. That’s like being against players appearing on deep scan.

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No need for this, there is a tried & trusted method for finding good belt and anoms which is scouting, an integral part of the game.

Stop being lazy, put a survey scanner on a fast frigate like a slasher/atron, do the work, fun/profit.

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so I can see if there’s any asteroids left in belt before warping to it.

Rats are not players…try again…

Any how…have fun…


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I like practice of using a small ship to scout belts, find a good spot and provide warp-ins.

Not that the OP’s idea would diminish the practice that much.

The bad part about the OP’s idea is making it too easy to see other peoples moon belts. Basic ore is going to come back to moons at some point i imagine and being able to see them on d-scan or probe them down is too easy.

What I would prefer instead is some kind of heat map on the star map or agency that shows roughly how much ore is in the nearby systems. Say 2-3 jumps. It can be made specific to belt ores so that it doesnt have the above problems.

If you select a D-scan profile that shows ores, and then point D-scan cones, then you can determine at a distance if a belt or ore site has ore. Or you can just warp to them. This is not a problem that needs to be solved as there are already two solutions: the feature already exists in D-scan, and scouting is the best solution of them all.


Although I forgot to mention it in my first post, my idea is aimed especially at finding moon ores. Because I see moon mining fleets in many systems and moon ores are usually despawned before they are mined out. Of course, moon mining fleets can be found with combat probes, but what if there’s nobody momentarily mining at a refinery? And the fact that most highsec refinery owners are so selfish they would rather let their moon ore despawn than share it with strangers just makes me more eager to steal some of it from them.

Same response, use a fast frigate, scout the athanors on dscan, it’s really not hard.

*Directional scan

I didn’t have the heart to tell him…glad somebody noticed…

Funfact: I already did so 18 days ago as well…


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Oh no, I used the wrong name for something which you all clearly understood. How terrible.
You lot are pathetic.

Then definitely not.

You shouldn’t be handed intel on someone elses ore.

Scout the refineries.

We make a small joke and you go to pieces and start name calling…pretty funny…

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