Make Corax useful

Can you make the Corax actually useful?

Great looking ship, I kinda want to fly it, but it is awful at everything and I never use it.

Can you elaborate?

  • In what ways is it lacking compared to ships of it’s class?
    – Consider that not all ships within the same class will be equally good for all wants/needs. Some ships are faster, others are tanker. And still others have better “utility.”

  • In what circumstances have you typically flown use the ship?
    – Consider that not all ships are good in all situations. Some are better solo, others are great in small groups, and still others excel in “fleet” roles and nothing else.

  • What kinds of fits have you used?
    – Continuing from the last point: Consider that some ships may not be able to do use “cookie cutter” fits or are only “efficient” with very specific fits and tactics.

  • What changes do you think could improve it?
    – Be reasonable and try to stay true to the racial “flavors” when asking for certain changes.


I admit it’s hard work making a LML corax work thanks to slot layout and fitting resources.

A Jackdaw is pretty easy to skill into, relatively inexpensive and way better in that role.

Now you’re comparing two completely different classes.

The fact that a rocket Corax can easily beat a Saber 1v1 tells me that it’s in a pretty good place already.

Well if you’re looking for destroyers with LML, Jackdaws are the way to go. The fact that one is T3 and the other is T1 doesn’t really matter.

Of course it does. Not only is there the price tag and sp investment difference, but D3’s can’t always go where other dessies can go.

Let’s just try and keep the discussion to comparable ships.

I think it’s junk myself, a rookie ship is more exciting.

You’re right. A more fair comparison to a LML Corax would be a LML Talwar. In that case a Talwar is a bit more viable. In my person experience the Corax is very good in Small FW Plexes with Rockets.

Did you try and fit one? You either run out of CPU or power grid when trying any decent fit with missile launchers. Fitting 3 useful rigs is almost impossible at the same time.

Show me a missile Corax that doesn’t suck.

Indeed. It’s that third low slot that allows for a fitting mod and less cpu intensive mods. Makes all the difference.

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This is a Corax fit that I’ve used before that performs decently. Doesn’t work solo, but in Open FW Plexes it can be a pretty good sniper.

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