Returning player wondering about Caldari Destroyers

Hello all,
Been away from the game about 10 years, and when I used to play it was with Minmatar frigates.
I’ve just made a new character with the Caldari faction and am thinking about using their destroyers as a PvE player, mostly looking to do combat missions.

Having a quick look, it seems that the Cormorant is more rail gun friendly and the Corax is a missile boat, both of which sound good to me (though the Corax looks better!).

I am wondering what skills I should focus on whilst I play my Merlin and build up some ISK and faction rep to prepare me for the move to destroyers that would benefit me the most?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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If your goal is mastery of Caldari destroyers, set your sights on level 4 mastery for the Jackdaw. As a new character, it will take a couple of months to achieve that unless you purchase injectors but you can look at the requirements to fly the ship and advance to each level of mastery on the info sheet. Jackdaw is a missile boat so any skills trained for it will also improve the Corax.


OK :slight_smile: So try to focus on missile skills alongside destroyer skill levels?
Do they play similar? I.E. will playing the Corax give me a good foundation for playing the Jackdaw?

Skills for mastery are the same for both ships:

Skills to fly the Jackdaw are higher but this is an incredibly powerful ship considering how quickly you can train into it.

The Jackdaw is expensive by new player standards and I recommend lots of practice with the Corax before putting one in harms way.

Good luck.

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If you’re planning on transitioning over to missiles you may like to consider the condor or kestrel as frigate options while you train and save, as they are the Caldari missile frigates.

If you are already heavily invested into gunnery (more so than say shield tanking) then at this early stage I would still consider the cormorant as a valid option, until you’ve had time to skill into missiles/rockets.



I’ve not looked into any other frigates yet. Only got the Merlin because it was a mission reward!
But I will now. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Kestrel is an awesome ship. Keep the distance and speed, y can hit reds about 50km away, Wich with your low signature and speed, will reduce the damage taken a lot, also making bigger stuff miss their shot a lot. And remember: NEVER fly straight in enemies direction, you’ll be obliterated.


Well I always orbit enemies. But does that mean I don’t initially fly straight at them if i need to close the distance at all?

Yes that’s what that means. Double click somewhere in the general direction of the target then click orbit as you reach your desired orbit distance.

There are manual piloting techniques that can help reduce incoming damage. By approaching your opponent in a spiral or corkscrew maneuver, you maintain transversal velocity and make it more difficult for their guns to track you.

Destroyers do not have strong defenses so tend to use speed, piloting skill and small signature radius to avoid getting hit.


Thanks for the link! I’ll take a look at that today!

Not quite. You can set your path right to their right or left, putting some angle n relation to them

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