I have 2 toons in the 20m to 25m SP range

The one with 20m SP is maxed on all Minmatar ships, Caldari Frigate and Cruiser, and all of the relevant missile and gunnery skills.
Mostly maxed support skills.
I was considering robbing enough SP from the other to max shield tanking, scanning, and Caldari destroyers.
My question is, are the Caldari ships even worth the effort?
I like missiles and rockets, but I also like speed which is an area where Minmatar excell and Caldari do not.

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Sorry, but here is a vague answer for a vague question:

Depends what you want to do with your character. Caldari ships are good in certain areas. And if you doing Minmatar support skills such as missiles, you already are training for most Caldari support skills. Don’t rob skills from one to the other.

Depends on what ships you want access to and what you want to do. It’s hard to tailor a response to you since your details are fairly vague, are you using the ‘drain’ character for anything useful right now?

Caldari Destroyer doesn’t seem like a good investment for your current character unless you specifically want the Jackdaw. The Corax is not meta or in a good place atm, the Cormorant is good but requires railguns rather than the missiles you mentioned liking, and I assume you cannot use the Stork or Flycatcher as it’s more leadership/support. Although the Flycatcher can be decent in some niche roles, it’s better at solo ganking than the Sabre and can be a LML long range platform if you ignore the bubble, the Sabre is preferred for fleets currently.

Rockets are a quick train and would open up a lot of ships for you, Jaguar/Breacher/Vigil Fleet issue from the minmatar lineup are all great rocket platforms, and Kestrel/Hookbill/Hawk are also all great considerations.

Shield support skills are great on everything shield you fly so they could be good too.

Overall though it’s your characters and it’s up to you.

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