Make Derelik Great

Have you ever dreamt of developing and enhancing the quality of life in an entire region? Does the attraction of offering hope to the former slaves repressed by Amarr satisfy your humanitarian instincts? Have you ever fancied building and developing a new trade hub?

Here at Make Derelik Great we believe in the field of dreams principle (build it and they will come).

We are recruiting individuals (channel: IFROD Public) and corporations (channel: Make Derelik Great) our aim is simple to build and develop the market hub in Tanoo. How you get stuff to sell on the market is up to you, want to mine then people in the Alliance are running Orca boosts, want to do industry no problem we provide access (locked down obv) to over 800 fully researched BPOs, want to import and trade hen enjoy our 0.1 tax market (it has more items on sale than player owned market in Hex, for instance), like pve or exploration great enjoy our low 5% tax rate and buyback/easy market access to sell your wares, want to PvP sweet only a few jumps from lo-sec and null with a number of NPSI roams in the area. Like moon mining, want to do reactions, guess what we got that covered too.

So when you fancy a new challenge to your hi-sec lifestyle, remember Make Derelik Great awaits you.

My name is Ayer Jouhinen and I approve this message.

(Feel free to mail me in game too)

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