Make Destroying Shipcasters Worth Something

Today, along with another member of FDU, I engaged and help destroy a Calmil Shipcaster beacon.

With the Shipcaster Beacon being a very valuable asset to any faction war along with pirates looking to expand their ganks after joining one of the factions, the Shipcaster needs to have value.

  1. 5 minute timer for attacking the Shipcaster for those not in any faction.
  2. 150,000 LP divided up between the top ten damage dealers. - only for those in faction war.
  3. Kill mail - only for those in faction war.
  4. When the Shipcaster is attacked by anyone, an alert message is displayed in local chat for the surrounding five systems.
  5. Some type of loot drop.
  6. System loses some defensive points. For example, if a Shipcaster is destroyed in a Calmil held system, Calmil would lose 5% contested points, but only if the Shipcaster is destroyed by a faction entity.

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