Ship Caster Beacons

So, with all the hype about the Ship Casters and their beacons, there is virtually nothing to be found about what to do with the Ship Caster Beacon Parts, once you’ve made them or acquired them. Is there someplace you have to turn them in, or do you have to acquire a blueprint to make use of those parts?

Depends on the part, about which part you are talking about? Else check the agency for the event info, it should show you what to do and where to turn them in for rewards.

In general there are parts and blueprints dropping from the shadow war event sites. You have to build what the empires need and turn this in at their head quarters for reward crates.

Thank you. My corp already builds the 4 parts listed in the article announcing the Caldari success in building the first caster: Quantum Microprocessors, Nanotransistors, SmartFab Units, and Self-Harmonizing Power Cores. So, now it looks like we need to have members enlist in the various militias involved to turn these in as needed, or find FW players willing to buy them from us.

Oh well, you are looking to activate a beacon with those. Then it’s easy, head to Caldari low sec and drop them into the beacon construction sites (not at my PC, don’t know the exact name), they are visible in space. Locations are shown on the FW info page in game.

Everybody can do it, BUT there is no reward. You get some LP but it’s much less worth than the materials. Also nobody cares, as the ship caster is a useless tool.

The one and only active beacon in Pyne was destroyed by me totally uncontested a few days ago.

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