Make eve graet again

Why only 250 saved feats. I need 1000 minimum.
Why they removed the audio player from the game, it forced me to turn on Eve to turn on the music of the mornings in the house. This is a good marketing move, you can promote musicians in the game for money.
Why clime and sovereignty are only for some kind of handshake gentlemen overgrown with bacon and non-aggression sheets.
Why are you removing POS from the game. This is one of the main “moments” in the game, well-drawn, excellent mechanics for ships and pilots. You Destroy your own game. It’s necessary to remove unnecessary astrakhaus … Think about it. I will quit playing if you remove the POS.
The dock’s new design at the station is disgusting. We need an All New Dock. With the ability to go to the Bar in Jita and play cards with live characters, play gambling in the dock of Jita station, in a real bar, club, district. Make Jita station coherent for the movement of characters, it’s not difficult for you, just laziness.
Stop making supposedly patches that only move the twists in the eve service client. Make updates in the spirit of Apocrypha.
Add Jovian race to the game. with new stations, agents, ships. Make serious move.
Fire your worthless marketer, contextual direct in 2020? Did you smoke? Use social networks, insta, fb, vk, telegram.
Draw a new space, new game mechanics, stop using what you did in 2003.
Make a promise, make a gate that you can build yourself. Fly into the system, scan the space curvature point, put the Science module there, give the module a few days to research, then put the Shipyard on this point, and build your gate. Jam this gate. Put the operator in this gate. Give him control of the sentry guns. Allow only those whom it is deemed necessary to enter into this system. thereby completely protecting those inside this system. Name this system yourself. It is possible to brand this system, jump into this system with cyno. Rob this system. You can fight a gate driving a darling into reinforce. Do not make these gates and this mechanics too expensive; let players in small alliances feel like masters. Make a limit on the number of such gates for alliance in 2 pieces, for example.

Rebalance of pirate missions in NPC regions such as Stain and Venal, Remove crowds of multi-window T1 Berners. Do missions for one maximum of 2 windows, complex. where you have to scan. hack, shoot. to tank. And make the reward of LP and bounty and loot valuable. equivalent in numbers with anomalies on supers.
Nerf Rorqual, remove the time of panic, remove the overtank, let the miners learn to Defend their ships with a ready pvp fleet.
Make a rebalance of the Belts and officers, let this way of earning return to the game. An estamel 50kkk vulka is no good …
Return to the game Asymmetric ship designs. Sentinel, Blackbird, and others. Now your new ships look like starsitizen, this is a disgrace.

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You made a mistake with the game and the forum thread

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