Make "lore" sites/beacons act as large FW beacons

Speaking of terrain in EVE is a bit odd, as there isnt really terrain physically, but there is terrain in things like fw beacons, bubbles, dictors/hictors and even SB camps. They all effect how you warp to a gate or navigate a system; even how and where you fight. Id like to propose a change to areas already existing to add more “terrain” for people to take advantage of.

I see “lore” spots dotted around various systems. Sometimes pirate or empire related sites, or some kind of "phenomenon " like gas clouds or something. They will give a short info window when warping and will normally have 5 rats (1-2 waves). It seems they are mostly made for lore reasons and dont really serve any function.

My idea was to leave the lore reasons the same (rats/info window), but change them to essentially act like large FW beacons. For those not aware, large FW beacons have several huge bonuses for fighting in (at least from a small gang/solo perspective).

  1. Cannot light cynos
  2. Cannot warp directly to fleet member
  3. Cannot cloak 30km from the beacon
  4. Not gated

Because having more terrain in systems makes things interesting for all involved. Solo/small gang can use them to separate gangs unaware of these sites. Gives lore sites more reasons to exist other than just being a blip on the overview. Null groups could bubble them if they wanted to use them as traps or try to eliminate their usefulness.

As far as why these sites would have these effects, itd be easy to explain through lore. Such as the outpost/station sites having localized cyno/sensor jammers (its a pirate base, youd expect them to have these things) and natural phenomena sites disrupting cynos/sensors.

Sites could be ignored or used, it doesnt change anything fundamental, just adds some unique settings to various places for fights.

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