Add more "fluff" to FW complexes

(My first thread pls don’t kill me in forums save it for the game)

FW complexes are just simple capturable beacons, that works for what it is, but I would love to see more different kind of environments in them. Note, I mean just environments, not interactive stuff.
For example, novice plexes could have lots of wrecks floating around and other space trash/asteroids, medium could have maybe stations or somekind of space factories, large could have bigger stations or huge asteroids and so on.

These are just examples, but I hope you get what I mean: Add more structures to things, make them look a bit more interesting. Variety!

Now someone might think they would just come to way when fighting, however wouldn’t it be interesting to have some obstacles that you could use in the fight? Like going to other side of a structure and thus making it harder for the other player to shoot you. That sort of thing.

I’d just think it would be really cool to fight next to some huge asteroid that has hole right in the middle and you could fly through it. Or next to a burning station.

I just woke up so sorry if I sound incoherent.

I got the idea from this proposal to make lore sites function like combat sites: It’s kind of reverse, make combat sites look bit like lore sites. I would love both.

Thanks for reading!

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Nice in theory but rather bad when considering how poorly the environment is coded in EvE. Bumping and manual navigating through obstacles is not fun, and more stuff also costs a lot of performance, the EvE engine is very poorly optimized.

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