Make proving conduit great again

Please make the proving conduit not appear a couple of hours a day. I don’t even ask to do as before, when the gate appeared every time. Just make sure that all players who are in the abyss appear at the same time. Because when I ask players from my corporation who enter the abyss for PVE - “Do you have a gate”, they say yes, and I, being at the same time in the abyss for PVP, I see only origin conduit. I certainly understand why now the gate does not appear every time, you feel sorry for those 20-25 million ISK (very rarely more) that go to a player who does not collide with another player. But when you decide to remove this part of the content from the game, because the players do not use it, then you should know that they didn’t use the games because they didn’t want it, but because you didn’t let them do it.

I am not asking you to change the gameplay in the arena somehow, just make this part of the content accessible to everyone regardless of the time zone.

P.S. Sorry for my english and fly dangerous :wink:

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This already happens though.

The Proving Conduit appears randomly for players who are running T3 Abyssal sites (and above). There are also times when Proving Conduits will straight up not appear because there are not enough players running the sites.

Just because you and your friend “queue up” for an Abyssal site at the same time does not guarantee that both of you will get a Proving Conduit, much less two that lead directly to the same combat chamber.

This is not entirely true. Often, not all players who enter the abyss appear at the same time as an arena. Why does one game decide to display the gates to one player and not to display to another who went into the abyss at the same time up to a few seconds. This post is about this, I don’t mind that the gates do not open when there are few players in the abysses, I’m against the fact that they don’t open to everyone when there are not too many players, but some open and even someone comes to this point the arena is not a fact that the gates of another player will open who also went into the abyss for the sake of PVP, but at the same time the gate opens for a third player who does not need them since he is in the abyss for the sake of PVE.

Because it’s supposed to have an element of Randomness to avoid being gamed and exploited. It helps reduce the amount of times you can “queue up” with a friend in cheap Cruisers to blitz the T3s, and farm the loot in the Proving Grounds.

Proving conduits have almost no loot :wink:

It really doesn’t matter. :wink:

It really matters, because the imaginary fight against an exploit that allows you to earn on a cheap ship in 5 minutes is about the same as it earns in 5 minutes the third level of the abyss with less risk of losing the ship on another player ruins the content of a fairly wide layer of players. With the current mechanic, on a cheap ship, now you can safely take loot because pvp players do not have pvp gates.

P.S. Judging by what you wrote, you are not very aware of this part of the content.

It really doesn’t.

Just because something is comparable to another thing, doesn’t mean the first thing is immune to exploits.

Excellent fight against exploit which will cause more problems and makes this exploit more effective. Good job.

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