Make Titans & Supers follow the ehp graph of the rest of the game

Currently Supercarriers & Titans currently spike the chars on how much EHP they can reach.

Following all other shipclasses in the game they are outliers that take a jump up about 3-5 stages above where they “should” be.

A max tanked dread / carrier / fax gets approximately 4-6m ehp (high end).

A Supercarrier and Titans get around 27-35 and 55-95m respectively.

That means that supers & Titans jummp their lower class ships max EHP fits by approximately 5 and 12-16 times respectively.

This make a scenario where more titans is as always just stronger than everything else simply due to the fact that titans are the tankiest & badest ships in the game.


To bring the supers & titans back to fit somewhat on the graph of EHP scaling in the game I propose to reduce the supercarrier & titan’s bonus to shield extenders & armor plates from 400 & 500 percent to 200 and 250 percent respectively.

This would bring supers & titans down to their capital brothers & sisters while still having a significantly bigger tank, and allowing for actual deaths in the super & titan ranks to occur.


Capital ships primary role should be providing advanced tactical options for fleets.
So that one capital ship per 100 characters in fleet is an optimal doctrine.

Well this idea refers to supers & titans not capitals :wink:

And it doesnt work when a player entity can field thousands of only supers and titans.

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