Make WH exiting pilots non-registered in local

In WH space we don’t have local since there isn’t any gate infrastructure etc to register our travel.

As such I propose making local as WH space, you only show up if you speak. You would also register in local if you jump a gate or dock in a station (basically anything that involves a ship interacting with infrastructure).

This would allow WH’s to be used for covert travel, and add additional lure to WH space for the more ‘privateer’ minded folks.

Sure if you also don’t get to clone because you failed to register on the network.
Or we could actually remove local and move everyone to the already delayed constellation chat, which then ceases to give perfect intel, while still giving some intel. And solve the entire problem, not just a tiny portion of the problem in a way which only benefits WH players.


It benefits everyone who uses a WH, not just WH players.

Also cloning would still work fine as that involves voluntarily broadcasting out.

Oh come now. Sure it “benefits” everyone. That’s not to say the only valuable benefit is to WH players.

Go back into your hole :slight_smile:

It is valuable to move from a to b without announcing your arrival. Ninja (-ish) moon mining, avoiding/huntin war targets or gankers, scouting enemy systems. Anything where your arrival being announced diminishes the point of doing it.

There would be many benefits to many players, not just WH players.

oh i see it doesn’t just benefits WH players it just benefits people who play with WHs how silly of Nevyn to get the two confused

By this logic a gone who takes a jump bridge or cynos into system would be immune to local as well. Not to mention heavily favors wh users. This is something that cannot be balanced so I’m going to go out on a limb and say they are not going to do this

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with any luck once the obs arrays are added local will be removed from sov null and require these to return it

But you would also not see who is in K-Space local if you enter from a WH without registering in the gate network.

Fine, that’s as WH travel is now and would add to the scout role.

that still puts the advantage strongly on the side of whoever came through the wormhole

Except you are usually pretty limited in terms of what you can bring through though. This would mean you could move genuine stalthy recons around, but in terms of attacking forces you are looking at raiding parties only.

You are not limited at all. You can bring a nice BS fleet through a big wormhole (which all wormholes from C4+ into null and low sec are), or a really large T3C fleet, which can wreck almost anything in their path. The limitations are usually only on capitals and you don’t need those to fight and win fights, let alone extract quickly from an disadvantageous situation. C3 wormholes still allow a very strong T3C fleet from a WH. Same goes for command ship fleets. And now that T3C are more OP than ever, the perceived limitations are just that: perceived, but not existing in reality.

@Lugh_Crow-Slave Indeed, but at the very least it’s not completely stacked in their favor. Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all in favor of this idea, or limiting local intel via observatory structures because either remove a leveled playing field for all participants and skew it in favor of one group. Either all have the same dis-/advantages or no-one has them.

except no matter the system one side has an advantage.

No local will always be in favor of a hunter and local will always be in favor of the avoider

Only for people who pay attention. Considering how many VNIshtars die every day, the local does not offer best protection anyways. (Except for the botters with their chat scraping tools like NEAR 2 and the sound notifications)

However, local only for people coming from a WH and no notification of that to people already there is a disproportionate advantage for those that goes far beyond the advantages local offers to all parties these days.

It is no greater an advantage than a hunter gets in WH space, and can be mitigated by actively guarding your entrances just as WH players do. It would also only apply in the system the pilot exits into, and until the pilot does something (including targeting anything in space) to advertize their presence.

It is no greater advantage if both parties do not see each other, as it is the case in W-space. However, if the person coming from W-space into K-space sees who and how many are in local, while the people in K-space do not see that person, that is a much bigger advantage than what you admit.

Actively guarding Wormholes works in W-space very well because you only have 1 system to guard. In K-space, you have from several systems to entire constellations and regions to cover. This in turn means that you need more botting alts, and the groups with most alts and intel tools win over those who do not have access to such alt armies or tools. A race to the bottom.

The instant you’re out of that wormhole you’ve been pinged by CONCORD, I’m against the idea that Wormhole rules should apply anywhere but wormhole space. Local is not the reason you get ganked.

don’t mind me, I’m just going to camp out here and enjoy the reactions from nullseccers.


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