Making Carriers Actual Carriers

To make carriers have “boarded players”, CCP could make a highslot module that tethers about 10-15 pods in the same fleet in a small radius around the carrier. When the carrier jumps, it would take any tethered pods with it. When they reach their destination, the “boarded players” could warp off, or get their ship from the carrier’s hold.

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This is called a jump bridge, it’s also called a titan.


Since when Titan tethering pods?

This is about carriers carrying, if you want a titan bridge or a jump bridge on a pos, then you would need a titan bridge or a jump bridge on a pos

You want to be able to jump a ship which can carry assembled ships and bring the pilots along with.
You are asking for nearly the whole feature of a jump bridge.

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To jump with a carrier, it needs a carrier, a pilot in the carrier, a cyno ship with a pilot. On top of that you can only load ships with ammo, charges, or fuel in a carrier. It’s not going to change a thing with jump bridges, only open up new tactics and plans with carriers.

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wtf else do you load into your combat ships that doesn’t count as ammo or charges.
Take your new carrier, jump it to a cyno, eject ships, pods all jump into ships.
Congratulations, it’s jump bridge lite.

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contemplate the pure cancer that would be caused by jumping 10-15 pods into a heavy Tidi fight. And then having them all board ships from the carrier…

Why do you hate the server hamsters?


They are already actual carriers.

Like carriers, they carry fighters that are part of the inventory of the ship, not completely separate entities.


In that case we should remove the ship maintenance bay from all capitals/supers and only allow the bowhead to carry assembled ships.

hmm , I do not think this idea would add anything new to the game tbh , keep thinking up ideas though.

Perhaps if carriers can bring up to 5 ships with them when they jump , they have to be cruiser or below though , a interesting type of guerrilla warfare for small corps/alliance’s with no access to a titan and want more tank than blackop ships

To my knowledge it is a major coding issue having multiple pilots inside the same ship. I’m guessing it’s “more” doable with citadels, but probably still “a fucktonne of work for no tangible benefit”.

Carriers are actual carriers now. They carry fighters, each of which is manually controlled much like it would be if you were to RP the ■■■■ out of it and pretend that there are pilots inside.

Just because they aren’t carrying what you want them to carry doesn’t mean that they aren’t “actual carriers”.


Which is why I suggested using the tether mechanic to tie pods to the carrier instead of having the pods actually being inside the carrier. We already have a way to grab everything in a small radius around a ship, we just need to tack on more spagetti code to it.

I too like the idea of having a dedicated “aircraft carrier” type vessel in the fleet.

Why can’t we load up say an Orca (just for ease of reference) with 20 Endurances, travel to another system and then off load once there? Why do Pilots have to eject before a ship gets loaded into a bay? There is already “fleet warp” yes, and jump bridges, yes, so why not make a carrier that actually carries? It can’t even be an issue of code complexity because of the fleet warp ability. And as for what your ship has loaded into it… That’s just an array/list; ammo =cargo =inventory.

No, a capital ship loaded with Fighters is not really a carrier; by that definition all drone-capable ships are then carriers.

Anyone advocating for more spaghetti code shall be sacrificed to the gods Turing, Atanasoff, Babbage, and the goddesses Ada Byron and Grace Hopper.

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Power projection is bad mkay /thread

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Sounds like you don’t need to pack all your endurances in one orca (for ease of reference). Seems like you already have all the tools you need.

That’s like saying an aircraft carrier is only an aircraft carrier if the aircraft it carries are manned. Which is not true. An unmanned aircraft such as a UAV is a very real thing, and you can expect to see more and more aircraft being unmanned.

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Technically Drone Boats are using UAVs. Carrier fighters actually have pilots sitting in them. Just zoom in on the model.

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