Poor Mans Jump Bridge - Carriers

After coming back to the game recently I have noticed that carriers seem to be underutilized in a way. To me all they are are rides for Space Superiority Fighters. Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t see them used for much else.

So why don’t we let subcaps “Board” a carrier. Said carrier can hold as many subcaps as can fit in their SMA. The pilots that “boarded” the carrier then view the outside of it similar to viewing the outside of a citadel. They have no control they are just along for the ride. After jumping to the cyno they can then disembark and go about everything as normal.

This would allow smaller groups that may not have access to or have the ability to sustain/keep safe a titan to be able to “bridge” fleets around. Any of the larger groups will simply use the titans they already have to bridge fleets. I see this targeted at the smaller guys or those that want to bring some tackle along with a dread bomb.

Dreads have siege, FAX have Triage, Supercarriers have the respawn thing, and Titans have a whole raft of stuff. Carriers really only seem to have support fighters. This adds a lot more risk than bridging off a titan since you have to actually commit the capital but its substantially cheaper than owning said titan. You also wouldn’t need a keepstar or designated pilot to house it.

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Yo dawg …

… I heard you like ships …
… so we put ships in your ships in your ships in your ships …
… so you can ship ships while you ship ships in your ship shipping ships.

There is some core legacy code around the way they handle objects in space and players.
If they ever fix it, expect to see Jump bridges from Titans vanish and this replace it on carriers and super carriers

What you suggest was the original idea for supercarriers. It never got implemented.

It would reduce the ‘only bring caps’ which often happens, so it’s not even a bad idea. Since it creates a reason to be bringing plenty of other ships, especially alongside the rapid refitting option now from supers it would work really well.
But yeah, there is some serious legacy code which is very core to the engine that an object in space can only be associated with a single player and objects can’t link up.

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