Making EDENCom ships viable - stop the bottleneck

So we have all of these spiffy edencom ships right but no one uses them.

The answer is simple it costs over 60 million isk just to get the BPC due to one important ingredient.

Triglavian Sublight Telemeter.

So here is the break down, a 5 run ammo bpc costs between 250-750 telemeters from the DED LP Store.
Quick cost analysis, with an average price of 130k per unit that means to get a 5 run bpc is 32.5 million to 97 million isk. Which is why blaster packs are 100k-250k a shot. No one is going to spend money on that.

So with the background established, how do decrease the price.

  1. Increase drop rate significantly and start trade wars.
  2. Decrease the amount needed in the LP store to buy bpcs.

Personally both should be done.

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:red_circle: Their cost is not the issue. Even if they cost 0 ISK, the ships’ weapon system would still be terrible and unusable.


Yea the idea behind the ships are nice but dosnt work at all yet … my 3 suggestions are:

  • Making the ammo less expensive to get
  • Remove the friendly fire arcs
  • Adding a scriptable Medslot Module which enchances Arc range by 35% with script or Dmg application (Explo Radius and/or Explo Velocity) with script by 35% (or booth if no script is loaded for 17,5% each )
    like the other scriptable modules for turrets/drones

I agree that’s why first we need to bring down the price of telemeters or increase the drop rate soo much they become worthless. 1k a shot is ok to deal with.

The ships are fairly new.
Give it time.

New stuff is always supply constrained - provides an opportunity to transfer wealth from the early adopters who don’t care what it costs to the players running the PVE content to harvest the material and building the ships.

These ships appear to be intended for fleet use and will need iteration for that to be effective and affordable within alliance SRP budgets.