Making EVE kinder for aging eyes

As an older player who returned to EVE after 14 years off, I realized that I can’t see items on the screen as well as I used to when I last played in 2005. I am sure that others with older eyes or other sight issues might have similar issues. I hope others with vision issues will weigh in, but let me start by suggesting two issues - one a simple fix and another a bit more complicated that would make my EVE experience much better.

  1. It’s great that once you set a destination, the overview highlights the next gate or station in your jump sequence. However, the light yellow highlight of the icon has too little contrast for me to easily distinguish nest to white icons. Going to a darker yellow - perhaps the shade used in the mission travel links - would have a huge positive impact on my gameplay. It would make a lot of sense to use the same color as the travel links since the highlighting relates to travel.

  2. One of the ways I adjust for my aging vision is to use a very large high-resolution monitor and set the scaling of fonts and the cursor to a large size. Generally, I have found that the adjustability of the font and cursor sizes in EVE leaves a lot to be desired and doesn’t synchronize with my operating system settings. In order to make the cursor large enough for me to see on my monitors I have to use a lower resolution on my monitor, which enlarges everything on the screen, not just the parts that are hard to see. If the cursor size was adjustable it would make a huge difference for me. Better ability to select the font sizes in windows would be hugely helpful to - the adjustment in settings seems to work on some things and not others, so it could stand improvement.


I agree strongly with point #1. I don’t have an issue with point #2, yet.

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I have vision issues, too. I support your recommendations.

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The overview in highly customizable.

For 1 it may be possible to change that color yourself. I am not an overview expert at all. I would suggest joining the in game channgel Z-S Overview (or is is S-Z overview? cant remember at the moment) and ask there. They have pre built overview packs that are excellent and people in the channel that know what they are doing with the overview.

For 2, which I agree it would be useful for them to add something to fix, there are third party solutions that can help.

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Thanks. After receiving your response I examined all the options within the overview settings and I learned quite a bit about what is possible.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that the recommended change in 1. is possible within Overview Settings. You can do a lot of color customization with how ships and Player-owned structures show up based on characteristics of the pilot or corporation, but the color for NPC-owned structures like gates and stations does not appear to be adjustable and there are no indications you can adjust color based on autopilot route.

My eyesight is also not improving with age. For Eve, I’ve found that 150% scaling at 2K resolution works quite well and if your issue is presbyopia it should be as effective for you.

For item 1, I believe CCP should highlight the entire line in the overview - not just the icon. They can do it for criminals, why not waypoints? Edit: actually they do highlight the entire line once you’re underway, it’s only on undock that you need to search for your stargate.

Font scaling would be nice but Eve is old and I remember choosing large fonts in XP used to break a lot of forms. Nowadays forms are designed to accommodate that but 15 years ago - not so much!

Another thing that would help is better contrast. White text on a dark background is not a good choice for older eyes. There is a reason why the standard is exactly the opposite - one thing Reddit got right! I realize this is unlikely to change in the client but it should be possible on the forums!

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While colorblind mode is really bad in eve, it can change the colors of some things making them easier to see. You can also remove transparency to help.

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