Invisible EVE Pointer

When playing EVE there are occasions when I find it impossible to distinguish the white pointer from the background. I end up waving the mouse about until I see the cursor off the screen on the task bar. I then have to judge approximately where to move back on the screen until I can see it again. My eyes have been around for a long time but I don’t think that they are the issue here. A few examples -

Planetary Interaction when the scan is over a dense resource i.e. strong white

Normal space flight when the background is very close to white, not very good for PvP or PvE when you can’t see to target. A couple of seconds delay is a big disadvantage.

The current Winter Nexus event is a prime example. So often it is very difficult to see anything on the screen other than whirling snowflake effects.

Is there any way to make the cursor change to the reverse colour when rolling over different objects? I can do this in Windows on my PC so it should be possible.

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@Mike_Azariah @Brisc_Rubal

On-going issue and one we bring up a lot. As I understand it the cursor is hard coded and there’s not much they can easily change about it.


I had this problem a lot when I was just doing normal things on my laptop.

If you’re using Windows (I use W10), you can go to the ‘Ease of Access’ settings and change the pointer size and colour. I made mine black. It’s a bit easier but I play on a large screen, so I still sometimes lose the wretched thing!


Have developed rapidly developing cataracts in both eyes and even with all the attempted changes to make the cursor more readily seen, things are pretty bad. In the systems with the current storms ongoing, I have to blindly click on everything from targets to gates and hope something works. I know it’s my problem, but even a color change for the cursor could help. Hopefully I can get the surgeries in Jan and Feb; growing old is tough.


I you mean alter the mouse settings, I’ve done that for browsing etc. but the EVE pointer remains the same.

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On closer inspection, my mouse pointer appears to be black-filled but with white outline. I can’t change the size, either (for EVE).

Thanks for alerting me.

See if you can set the mouse pointer to what is essentially an XOR of the color. I see it as the third pointer color selection. Look under the windows “Mouse Pointer” settings. I’m going to check if it works now…Nope. Eve overrides the mouse pointer setting, it seems.

It’s not just the mouse cursor. Text (like the damage scroll or the APPROACH/WARP/ALIGN TO text above the hud) in front of bright backgrounds as well. Transparent windows as well (although they used to darken or still darken if you don’t use bright background, not entirely sure on that). Module activation circles as well.


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Yeah. When I’m doing the cloak/mwd thing I look at the little timer circle on the mwd to time my cloak off/warp button. When the background is to bright is is hard to see. Which can lead to Tackle, Kaboom!

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