Making Relic and Data Site Cans Unscannable

I suggest talking to your alliance about it.

Blue’s cherry picking is a corp/alliance problem. Personally, If I’m doing a relic in blue space I’ll run or purposely blow up empty/low value cans as a courtesy. If I’m in your space (real exploring) I’ll cherry pick sites because I don’t want to waste time and expect to be hunted.

Isn’t this some form of PvP? When other explorers waste time on empty sites they’re not spending time grabbing sites with loot in them. Right?


Sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

In HS? Who cares. Be first or lose. Once you get to where you are scanning fast enough you aren’t wasting that much time.

In LS? Same as HS.

In NS? If you have blues doing this in their SOV space, make an explorer channel or something where explorers can share the sigs of sites they partially completed so that other explorers in the space don’t waste their time?

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if you’re day tripping yes, if you’re a local then you hurt yourself in the process because it’ll keep a new site from spawning.

Also, generally, the time it takes to scan a can several times to be sure of its content takes about as much time as actually completing it.


Thank you!

Yeah, stop being a little crybaby about it.

You can:

  1. just run the site instead of crying about it
  2. kill the people cherrypicking it
  3. move to another less popular area of space
  4. just run the site instead of crying about it

I’m sorry, what were you saying? I was mesmerized by your Avatar.

  1. To get 1m isk in loot?
  2. Are they waiting around for me to get killed?
  3. Why do you think those places are less popular? Because they have terrible loot.
  4. To get 1m isk in loot?

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I guess my Image Dump needs some updating.

Yeah, this issue has been brought up numerous times in the past, CCP should have fixed it a long time ago.

An easy fix would be to make the site despawn when someone leaves after a successful hack on one or more cans.


Additionally given they have that mechanic in other sizes, as far as I know (ghost sites edit or did I mean sleeper caches) it seems they could implement it on all hacking sites if they wanted.

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Yeah, it’s active on those sites so it should be easy to apply to all Hacking sites.

By leaving a site half done you are:

  • Getting more ISK/hour.
  • Slowing down the explorer that’s following behind you, giving you higher chances of beating them to the good sites.
  • Making the explorer behind you angry, maybe you can provoke them into a fight!
  • Also wasting the time of anybody hunting explorers, since they also have to scan down those sites.

Also, the sites despawn eventually, I think it takes 2-4 hours, so it isn’t really that big an issue.

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But those same things happen to you too. So, nothing gained in grand total, infact everybody loses. It’s an endless cycle of game spoiling.

I don’t want to be that guy, but this seems like one of those “make something easy easier” posts.

I’m not sure there’s a massive time difference one way or another. I guess you have to actually warp to the site, but why even bother if you arrive and it’s picked?

I deal with it too. It can be annoying but I understand why other explorers do it and I don’t think it requires CCP intervention.

This is the correct answer.


No one plays anymore, how are you so inundated with left over sites? For me it’s like 1 in 20…

I already despawns on a timer after the first can it hacked. They listened.

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