Male 'Hair and Headwear' section can't work

I’ve made several alts, and realized that I just can’t use the ‘Hair and Headwear’ section. Every time I tried opening it, it just closes itself again. Everything else is has no issue (complexion, eyes, clothing, etc…), and this problem seems to only happen to male characters, as the same section works just fine on female characters

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Try clearing your cache: ESC > Reset Settings tab > Clear Cache. See if that helps (usually addresses a multitude of UI issues)


Can also ‘Verify all downloaded files’ in the Launcher’s ‘Shared Cache’ menu.

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@DeMichael_Crimson @Archer_en_Tilavine

Thank you for the advice. I’ve done both, but unfortunately, the problem persists. Nothing has changed, the section still works fine for female character though.

Sorry to hear that, definitely submit a Bug Report asap, include screen shots and details for Bug Hunters to recreate the issue.

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