Mallugiers Deep Space Vigilantes (Lowsec) Experience the "Loop"

**Mallugiers Deep Space Vigilantes**

We are a tightly knit mixed band of indy and pvp pilots operating out of the Mallugier constellation in Placid. Originally seperate entities coexisting and working together, we eventually decided to band together and create something greater and thus we were reborn into what we are today.
Being a mixture of combat industrialists and PvP we work together and engage in a variety of different activities all the time. No day is ever the same in the loop.

What we offer
Comraderie and free hugs from Tesser o/
PvP and PvE oppurtunities
Lowsec Ice, Ore and Industry
Numerous Citadels for reprocessing / clones / science and industry
Fun doctrines as well as kitchen sink PvP
Mineral Buyback and the usual stuff other corps offer.
Standing fleets and organised intel channel for fast response
But most importantly a relaxed chilled out spaceship environment, its a game after all

What we are looking for
People that are bored of living in highsec or people that want to try something a bit different.
Working microphone and a subscribed account.
Knowledge of lowsec game mechanics is a plus but not neccesary

If interested either contact a recruiter or head down to our recruitment channel "LoopRecruitment"
Recruiters: Isaack90, JackSaw Harris, Tesser Antollare, Doctor Blowfin

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How come I wasn’t told about this ore buyback program! Been giving that stuff for free to Cookie! And from the goodness of my heart I’ve just been giving you guys free hugs… Also /:cwtch: Blowfin \o/

Fun fact: Other suggestions for the name of the alliance were: Good peeps, Fruit loops and How About No.

These were rejected due to one member stating: I will not bring my corporation to an alliance that makes us sound like Muppets!

Come help populate the loop , great riches and laughs await :slight_smile:

More facts: We have people from Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK and US. We might have someone from Denmark? Netherlands?

After a hectic shift in the kitchen, i can log on kill some stuff and chill with great people.

One of our members actually burned his table… tried to cook lobster on it in the living room…

Fun fact #56784 Blowfin is not a real doctor.

post DT bump

and push

Lots of different things to be doing come have some fun with us

Still looking

Up again

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