Managing PVP in NPE/tutorials

So, I have a thought: is there a way to include a “PVP”/evasive pvp" tutorial in the New Player Orientation? Topics would include: Timers and managing them, options for a gate camp, managing the cloak at a gate, etc. It would be a lot tamer to introduce someone to pvp in a corvette that doesn’t matter than in (in my case) a cruiser that gets ganked and blown up because I didn’t know to just jump through and they couldn’t follow me. Although, I’m also not sure if I got hit by a gate gun or not.

I’m afraid not… The tutorial is only there to get you acquainted with the UI and show you how to navigate through space.

The closest you can get to PvP conditions, while in a PvE environment, is some of the L4 Burner missions.

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Oh…that’s unfortunate. The only time I’ve had a PVP scenerio was my Vexor on my new account. I’m not ashamed at all to say I absolutely panicked, saw something about the gate guns, and the next thing I knew I was looking at myself floating in space. So, I don’t even know what I did wrong, let alone could have done better. Also, is it possible to PM a mod or someone? There are a few questions I had, and a suggestion, that I don’t feel like asking on the forums. The suggestion I can post, but the questions are best kept private.

You know, back in the day before the venture policies on community and in game organisation role / relations changed (I know, once upon a time, and not without historic background - albeit incomparable circumstances) Player Schools had a very nested transactional influence on retention.

In those days there was talk about various ideas, from a random dump scenario to regularly updated recommendations to a game design implementation of a School Certification mechanism which could be used to bridge certain gaps which kept popping up year after year in both NPE and Marketing discussions at Fanfest.

For example, portions of the NPE were a player would be introduced to a Certified Player School (insert proverbial TM here) for PVP, raw and/or as part of PVE.

Amazing efforts notwithstanding, those particular gaps (pvp, social dynamic, group economics, niche play, etc) are still present in todays NPE. I still think there’s room to put heads together there, particularly with the lessons of past times and the changing priorities and targets of future times in relation to such crossover concepts.

It would be sad to actually see the NPE go through the equivalent of a simplified perspective approach. No matter what form EVE will take, it will remain complex, and thus NPE should be something excempt from that. Deserving of further and consistant attention :slight_smile:

I think I might have something like that in mind. As part of NPE/PVP SERE school, you would be told “go to system x, retrieve Z, come back”. OH NO A GATECAMP. Ok, wait, don’t panic. This is just a training, let’s look at this step by step. And, we’re going to compress time here, so, don’t panic. And then it walks you through a successful gate camp, you explode at the end of course. Then, you run back through it, and this time you escape. If you escape both times, you get a special. It’s less stressful and tear provoking to blow up in a starter corvette with no gear to speak of and that will be replaced (by better) as you do the tutorials then it is to blow up in a cruiser that you just bought and the paint isn’t dry, AND you have to replace everything. (You also didn’t have implants that got blown up). I’m not asking to have PVP done away with, I’m asking to have at least the tools to get out of it when it happens to me.

Until about one year ago, you used to get blown up in the New Player Experience, just to learn that it’s perfectly normal. Don’t know why they skipped that.

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My Gallente got blown up when I joined in June/July. I read somewhere the Amarr NPE had you commit suicide.

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