How can we best educate new players?

Herro all!

So considering we all choose to play an open world PvP game where you consent to PvP as soon as you undock, how should we best educate our nublets on the danger of our universe?

I have the following suggestions below :smiley:

  1. Change the NPE to include ganking, suspect baiting, gate camps and other things that may generally cause your death
  2. Explain why fitting a tank is important, and a choice with consequences if you don’t
  3. Explain that although you may certainly feel free to go AFK on a 30 jump journey, it doesn’t mean you’ll come back to an intact ship
  4. Going over in depth of D-scan, local, F10 and how it can be used to keep you alive
  5. Recommending certain institutions like EVE-Uni and other meta tools
  6. Also explaining that ganking, suspecting baiting etc. are all legit forms of gameplay and the onus is on the player to stay alive
  7. Have the nubs do a mission that is a simulated gank on an NPC miner, which also gifts them a catalyst :smiley:

How else would you all educate the nublets? I mean of course since we all know that as veterans, ganking poses little threat to us :smiley:


While I am pro these ideas, there are players who have taken it upon themselves to make up the NPE’s shortcomings by delivering the antimatter lessons themselves.

EDIT: I am surprised gankers don’t charge CCP an Extended Continuous NPE License Fee.

Oh for sure!

Maybe the last mission is actually them ganking a player? And if they do it successfully, they are gifted a T1 cruiser of their choice?

I think the NPE should remove the part where new players are encouraged to hide in an asteroid belt because rocks will hide them. The NPE needs to reflect actual game realities, and not have roleplay nonsense which teaches bad advice.

The NPE should include ganking and mining permits. @Mike_Azariah got very snarky with me and said that I only want this to “legitimize” my own gameplay. However, this would not be to my advantage. Warning new players is not in my interest, but it would certainly clue new players into the reality of the game. Mining permits are real. Every major alliance has rental programs. This is a fact. We claim territory and demand people pay us for the right to mine in our territory.

The NPE should simulate activity which new players will likely encounter. In particular, ganking. There should be a mission where the agent tells the new player to go mine some rocks. The agent says, “However, there is an environmental death cult that demands you pay them for the privilige of mining “their” rocks.” The agent offers the new player a chance to buy a “mining permit”. If they do not purchase the permit, NPC catalysts warp in and gank them. If they do purchase the permit, NPC catalysts warp in and gank them. In both cases, the NPC convos them and makes fun of them and demands more money. This is the reality of EvE, and it would prepare new players for that reality.

After the first gank tutorial, an NPC venture should warp in and start mining. The agent should then offer the new player a chance to “get even”, providing the new player with a gank Catalyst and the objective of destroying the NPC venture. When they kill the Venture, the Venture should convo them and cry and beg for money to replace his ship. There is a dialogue option which allows the new player to sell a mining permit. This is the reality of EvE, and it would prepare new players for that reality.

There should also be a mission which encourages PvP, an “arena” where two new player Ventures go in to mine a single rock. They can share the rock, or fight over the rock, or warp away. It’s a PvP game, and this would let new players know.


I would support this. I also think they should have missions where they lose the ship ala Kobayashi Maru style.

Or even NPE missions where they get gate camped by npcs to learn how it feels.

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Gank corps should have new player wings I think inviting NPs in.

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There’s a fundamental flaw in your premise, in that EVE is only PvP in the sense that your actions impact other players, not that every action must include the ability for player combat.

So the NPE should lure a player into a chat, berate them, then post about it on a blog?

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Actually no, there isn’t :smiley:

They should be educated on all aspects of PvP, including the market. But yes, they should know they’ve chosen to play an open world PvP game where they consent to PvP as soon as they undock :smiley:

Yes there is.

No, that’s not true. That’s why ganking is called non-consensual PvP.

That is a common misconception. They consented to the gank as soon as they undocked :smiley:

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It isn’t actually. As Aiko said, and my aim is as well, it is to educate our nublets on the realities of EVE, not what we might wish them to be :smiley:

And as such, ganking is a legit form of gameplay, supported by in game rules.

And yes, once a player undocks, they consent to PvP :smiley: This is a fact.

All the world knows this :smiley:

I’m glad to see that I’m able to educate even a veteran such as yourself on the realities of EVE :smiley:

You think we should include a section on griefing and the different forms? And to explain the clear difference in ganking vs griefing?

Like for example if someone created a throwaway alpha account to track you down in game to harass you, could we teach the nublets how to deal with that?

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We should also let them know that Null is not the “endgame”.

Especially if they dont want to turn into callous killjoys who only care about krabbing ice and rock into their maws.


Exactly, maybe a portion on how EVE is a sandbox and that “end game” is ever shifting!

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EvE has always been and should always be a game where if you can think it up you can do it with enough hard work and gumption.

Also, anyone called McCandless is always welcome in my corp, regardless of age, beauty or intellect.

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For sure. I think encouraging them to try out all playstyles as well eventually.

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Just have a single line as an unskipable dialogue box pop up and wait 10 seconds before the “understood” button becomes available to dismiss the pop up:

Death and losing your ship is part of the game

Just as I have this listed as the second most important rule of the game:

The first being never fly what you can't afford to lose.


Very sage advice for the nublets.

Fleeting them up, making them used to voice comms being a very normal thing, guide them to their first major goal. Keep fleeting the same people up, make them cooperate and understand roles in a team. Organize some fun trips, broaden their horizon, gauge the depth of the game. Also guide them to the major resources available on game elements, mechanics, styles, etc.
Yeah, pretty hands on approach. The downside is your own commitment, not every newbie stays around…

I’ve always maintained that the fun in this game doesn’t come from artificial (pve) content, but from the people you get to know and fly with. So that’s what I feel we, veterans, have to do.