Mandatory Care

“He’s a pathetic man to me, a washed up old drunk that blames all his misfortune on a higher power. He lost control of himself, he’s aimless in his own self pity and refuses to see where he is at fault for all of these problems he’s having. His spine has gone soft, instead of manning up and tackling his problems himself he just fills up and downs another glass…His son tells me of how he wished his Father was around more during his childhood. I on the other hand feel as if he should glad he wasn’t around during this phase, a man like him is dangerous around a family. A stargate was split between a man destroying himself and a blissful boy growing up without a finger being laid on him…In a way I find his innocence to be intoxicating.”

  • Stelmari Oksasio

Mandatory care


February 3rd YC 121

“Monden Searbier, my name is Davar Praninn, I’m a Mook of the Ohrion Conglomerate. With me is my apprentice, Aulton Gaicker. The both of us have been hand selected by the Matron to overseer your rehabilitation, you’re in competent and capable hands from this point on.”

“It’s an honor to be assigned to you Monden, I look forward to see the progress you’ll make.”

In Monden’s head the room they were all in was an elaborately disguised prison cell. Yeah, the room had a good enough mattress for a bed with nice clean and iron sheets, two nicely cut wooden nightstands, a dresser, a personal bathroom complete with a shower and the walls were practically 60% glass, giving an incredible view from uptop Namiyo’s mountain. But this was just cell for him to rot, he was escorted here by armed guards and placed here against his will all because of a singular bottle of booze in his office. Now the Ohrions got him under “Mandatory Care” and cut off from the rest of the world, he was forced to resign as CEO and hand it off to his son and forbidden from leaving this building until the Ohrions say so. When is that? Nobody knows, the sentencing for Mandatory Care is undetermined in Monden’s case. It will be up to the Conglomerate decides he is healthy enough to meet their standards. Ontop of this, kick his drinking habits. That’s what landed him here in the first place, something that started out so long ago as a harmless way to blow off steam with the lads has become the root cause of his all his problems. It became a way to cope with the buckling finances, a crumbling marriage a failscade company, and now? To cope with the fact that he’s light years away from his homeworld and doing the bidding of some weirdos and living under their rules. It so hard to get a goddamn drink in this colony due to how zealous the regulations are here. Sure, you can get some weak light booze in this colony, but from these licences establishments and those are typical far the hell away and you gotta depend on public transportation to get out there. Having a bottle to himself in his office just saved him the trip was all, ease of access to something when the craving sparked up. This however, was were he broke the law and finally worn out the patience of his “benefactors”. So now he’s here, defeated and at the mercy of a nutjob science cult that think wind breezes are spirits.

These two men were gonna be the two that make the call whatever or not to release Monden. They both stood over him as he sat on the right side of his bed. The “Mook” Davar was a Brutor, even had some small tattoos on his cheeks linking him to his clan. The man to his side, his “Apprentice” Aulton was of Deties decent. They both wore these green coats that stretched down to their knees, a standard trend among the Ohrions. Monden was forced to Strip down to his boxer-briefs and wear this silk robe that had bright colors and fruity artsy designs…honestly made him feel goofy, but it felt nice on his skin, despite also being a tad too loose and floaty.

Monden didn’t know how to respond to them, he wasn’t about to say it was a pleasure or anything as nothing about this was a pleasure. So instead he just remained silent, letting his head hang down as he fumed to himself about the situation he was in.

Davar leans in “Monden? Are you okay?”

Monden picks his head up and looks makes eye contact with Davar “Well…I’m here aren’t I?”

Davar withdraws “That you are…I know this isn’t your idea of a vacation Monden, but do know that me and Aulton here aren’t here to put you through any kind of misery.”

Aulton follows him up “Exact opposite really; we’re here to make we can do everything in our power to eliminate any discomfort you may be experiencing during your stay here. Assuming of course any of your requests don’t compromise your treatment.”

“Well you think you can get me a belt or something? This goofy ■■■■ you guys got me wearing is a little too loose for my tastes.” Monden asks as he readjusts the cloth over his shoulders

Davar responds right away “Unfortunately, that is not apart of the dress code for any patients and is forbidden under any circumstances.”

Monden scoffs and grins “Why? Think I’m gonna hang myself or something?’ Davar and Aulton look at each other silently for a second before Aulton lifts up a clipboard he was carrying and reaches into his coat for a pen to start writing with. Monden’s expression fades and his eyes start dating between the two of them frantically “Should I hang myself? The hell is he writing down?”

Davar puts up his hands to signal Monden to slosh down “You have nothing to be fearful about, everything we have instore for you is humane. We’re here to help you, not hurt you.”

“And what exactly do you have in store for me?”

“Aulton” Davar calls out as he runs to him with his hand out. Aulton looks up from his notes and hands the clipboard off to him. Davar takes it and lifts up the front part of the clipped papers in search of the papers he was looking for. Since Aulton was writing on the top page, Monden cautiously tried to get an angle on what he wrote down, but Davar had the pages curled just right to prevent Monden getting a peek. “Well admittedly your program isn’t completely planned out just yet, but your diet for the first month was submitted the other day, along with your exercise regiment, so for your physical health you’re sorted out. In regards to your mental wellbeing-” Davar flips over a few more pages “-we have yet to make any plans that are concrete, though we already have a psychiatrist selected for you to speak-”

Monden interjects “Woah-woah-woah, wait a second. You’re gonna have me talk to some ■■■■■■■ shrink?”

Davar lowers the clipboard “Well, yes that is part of pur plan.” He hands the clipboard back off to Aulton

“I ain’t talking to some god damn shrink so he can pry into my life and give me his ivory ■■■■■■■ opinion about it.”

“Monden please, you do appear to have some personal issues yet unresolved.”

Monden’s eyes widen “I appear to have unresolved personal issues? How about you go ■■■■ yourself Davar! Ijust met you and you’re already making assumptions about my personal life!? O-Or what, that fuckin’ clipboard there telling you that?” Monden gestures over to Aulton, who was cautiously writing more notes down “You got the size of my balls and dick on record and gonna tell me I’m suffering from fuckin’…A tiny cock complex? and I need to talk to some specialists to tell me size doesn’t matter to help me get over it.”


“No-No-No, you ain’t ■■■■■■■ listening to me pal! Having me sit on some ■■■■’s leathery couch and talk to me ain’t gonna help me with ■■■■, alright?! All that’s gonna happens is I’ll tell them about my childhood and he or she will find a way to twist it and get me to believe I have some repressed memory of being molested by my uncle or some other outlandish ■■■■■■■ spin like that! Hell, telling someone they got to talk to some shrink is what’s gonna get them thinking they got mental problems in the first place. It’s all a sham to sell medicine and get people hooked on pills.” Monden glares over at Aulton, who stepped further off to write more notes. Monden shoots up to his feet and takes a step forward “And what the hell is this prick writing?!”

“Monden!” Davar sternly shouts, extending his left arm out front of Monden and latching onto his right shoulder. Monden stops right away, his grip was just firm enough to not apply any pain, but instantly proved he was the strongest between the two of them. “I’m gonna tell you this only once. Sit. Down.” Monden slowly lowered himself back down onto his bed, with Davar’s grip still attached the entire trip down. Almost as if he pushing him back down. Davar retracted his hand once Monden was fully seated and looked over to Aulton “Aulton, can I ask that you leave the two of us?”

Aulton was just now easing out of his timid defensive stance that he entered when Monden stood up “Uh…Of course, Mook. Do you need this?” he points to the clipboard in his other hand”

Davar’s response was delivered without hesitation “Take it with you.” Aulton nods, and makes his way out the room. This was simply the “bedroom” of Monden’s quarters, there’s a doorless opening to the left of Monden’s that Aulton slips into. It leads into a small yet cozy little den were guests can sit, the door in and out of the quarters is located in there.

Monden leans forward with elbows placed on his knees and his two hands clasped together in front do him, nervously twiddling his fingers “I’m not comfortable Davar, not comfortable one bit.” Monden doesn’t make eye contact, just anxiously looks around the room “Your lackey there said you’d do anything to eliminate any discomfort I’m having? Was that just some empty promise?” he looks up at Davar “You’re only giving me more discomfort! First you deny me a ■■■■■■■ belt and now you’re forcing some shrink on me. You ain’t doing anything to help me feel more comfortable, just constant nonstop-”

“You’re right Monden! You’re right…”

Monden relaxes, with his glare still fixed on Davar “Yeah? Am i?”

“Yes…I get it, I’m forcing too much onto you right now. Forget about the psychiatrist, we’ll focus on your physical wellbeing first.”

“No shrink?”

“No shrink.”

Monden closes his eyes and lowers his head back down with a soft sigh, he begins slowly rubbing hands together.“Thank you…”

“Don’t worry about it…As for your clothing, you might have gotten some garments a size too big, I’ll put in a request for dome that will fit you better. That work for you?”

Monden nods “Yeah…Yeah it does.”

“Good…Monden I wanted you to believe me when I say I’m here to help. I’m not just your doctor, I’m your friend”

Monden looks back up at Davar “I ain’t looking for friends.”

“You’re gonna need them, everyone here is gonna need them. I’m going to want you to get out this room from time to time and interact with some of the other patients staying here.”

“And what? Play bingo and do arts and craft?”

A smile flashes on Davar’s face for a brief second, a chuckle escapes hom “Not quite, we have some activities here that aren’t as mundane as those two examples. At a later date I’ll sit down and talk to you about them more in detail, in the meantime you’re-” Davar raises his right arm up and gestures towards the room’s opening “- free to leave this room at any time.” he lowers his arm back down behind his back “With the exception of anytime past curfew.”

Monden folds his arms “Really? I can just…get up and leave? No key or anything I need to keep track of?”

Dear bring his right arm back out and points at Monden “Your outfit has a special chip in the fabric that is synced up with sensors in your door, it will unlock once you approach it.” He redirects his pointing finger to his own collar “Aulton and I have our own chips that gives us access to any patients we’ve been assigned to, security also has clearance to enter any room by default to avoid any delay in the case of a security alert.”

Monden squints at Davar “So…What’s stopping some assassin from stealing your clothing, mine or some guards and having access to my room and snuffing me out?”


“Hey! it’s a serious question”

“One that I will not entertain…It is safe here Monden, you have nothing to fear.”

Monden begins gently rubbing his right arm “Right…Right…”

The room falls silent for a few seconds before Davar finally speaks back up “Well Monden, if you have no further questions, I’m gonna get back in touch with Aulton and rework our plan.”

“Yeah, what about my son? Will I get to talk to him?”

“…Given how under mandatory care you’re to not involve yourself with work and your son is the current CEO of Lucrative Excavations-”

“He’s my ■■■■■■■ son! You’re gonna deny me from talking to him?!”

Davar sticks his hands up “Let me finish!” he lowers his back down “…Despite the policy, we’ve determined that your right to family visitation trumps that, and Akels is your only family member present in Hoiyori. As such you’ll be able to contact and receive visits from Akels during the appropriate hours.”


“Any further questions.”

“No, I think I’m satisfied for now.”

Davar nods “Very well, please get some rest Monden, if you need me or Aulton, there’s a button on the wall right there-” Davar points over to a square button on the wall right next to the beds headrest. “One of us will respond, or in the worst case one of the many nurses here.”

“Alright, got it. Thank you.” Davar nods once more and motions towards the opening. As soon as Davar steps out of the room into the den, Monden calls back out for him “Hey! Davar!”

Davar pokes his head back in “Monden?”

“…The hell is a Mook?” He had to ask, it was a silly title that Davar proudly introduced himself as and one that Aulton appeared to hold some respect towards.

Davar steps back into the room with a smirk “a Mook? Well, I suppose they can be best described as an administrator that overseer entire medical facilities or branches of research in the Ohrion Conglomerate. I for example act as an administrator for this facility.”

Monden’s eyes widen “■■■■, you’re the big leagues then, eh?”

Davar nods with a smile “In a manner of speaking.”

“And Tuilina assigned you to take care of me personally?”

“The Matron? That she did, she has faith you’ll recover and be better than ever when you return to Lucrativ Excavations. She selected me to make sure that happens, and I don’t aim to disappoint.”

Admittedly it was a little flattering, Tulina got the head honcho of the building to take care of him. Tuilina always had a soft spot for Monden. Hell, she did for just about anybody. Even at this low point, it was encouraging to know how serious she was about helping him. “I see…Well, mind if you give her my regards?”

Davar smirks “I can do that.”