"Our Mother abandoned us and is off screwing some Ishukone accountant!"

“I’ve had to look after Vaivari for…Really my entire life. From protecting him from our old man, to keeping him fed when we were on the streets and to sticking up to him in juvie…There wasn’t ever really a moment where he could take care of himself. I’ve had to become his keeper to keep him safe…And…Maybe I’ve been a little zealous in protecting him, maybe it’s in part due to my frustrations in trying to instill something of a spine in him so he could take care of himself when I finally kick the bucket. Sometimes I think he gets the wrong impression of my motives for why I’m so hard for him, but I wouldn’t had carried him for so long if I didn’t love him as a brother…He’s the only person in this cluster I’m comfortable with considering as family.”

  • Stelmari Oksasio

“Our Mother abandoned us and is off screwing some Ishukone accountant!”

July 15th YC 117

Shanty Colony “Bin” - territory of the Stelmari Exchange, Pavanakka I

“Come on! Come on you ■■■■■■■ bitch!”


“Stelmari! What the ■■■■ are you doing!? Get off him!”

“Stay the ■■■■ out of this Vaviari!”

“Stelmari! Please stop! Just talk me! It doesn’t have to end this way for him!”

“…Fine! you’re right! I got a better idea anyway!”

“Haaaaa-haa…Oh god…Oh ■■■■!”

“Stelmari I know this all looks bad, but just…Just calm down! W-W-We can talk ab-…W-Why are you handing me this?”

“Oh I want you to use this to bake a ■■■■■■■ cake for us to talk about this over. What the ■■■■ do you think I’m handing you a peice for? I want you to blow this shitbag’s brains out!”

“Look Stel - maybe listen your broth-”

“You want me to strangle you again you ■■■■■■■ cockroach?! Shut the ■■■■ up!”

“S-Stelmari! I’m not shooting him!”

“God dammit Vaivari! Stop being a little bitch for once! Now take it!”

"He’s my friend!

“I don’t give a ■■■■! Now shoot this fucker!”

“Vaivari! Don’t do this man! Come on, you’re better than this man.”


“The hell are you waiting for Vaivari!?”

“Please…Please don’t do this.”

“…I…I can’t do it! I can’t ■■■■■■■ do it Stelmari!”

“Oh thank god…”

"…God-■■■■■■■-dammit Vaivari! Give me that!

“Wait,Stelmari no! Sto- OH ■■■■! OH ■■■■!”

"There! It’s that ■■■■■■■ easy! Just aim and pull the trigger! ■■■■ you for making it anymore complicated than that. God dammit!

“What the ■■■■ is wrong with you Stelmari?!”

“Oh what’s wrong with me?! What’s wrong with you?! You don’t think I know the ■■■■ you’ve been up to with your ‘friend’ here? This Serpentis cockroach you’ve been getting your fix of blue from?”

“St-Stelmari I think you got the wrong id-”


“I…I just wanted something to take the edge off…It’s…It’s just hard, it’s all been so hard these past few months.”

“Oh cry me a ■■■■■■■ river Vaivari! No seriously, cry me a river so I can cut back in the water imports for awhile.”


“Please what?! You don’t think it’s hard for me?! Every ■■■■■■■ day I gotta deal with ■■■■ being shovled in my face! What ■■■■■■■ hardships do you gotta deal with Vaivari?! Huh?! What’s so hard for you to deal with what you gotta start sucking off this cockroach’s teet for?!”

“I-…I just wish life could be better than…this! Living like rats in a garbage pit, killing one another! It’s just…Horrible!”

“Wish all you ■■■■■■■ want, but reality is we’re living like rats in a garbage pit. And we kill one another? Because we do it to survive! This is our life! Now you can either be a bitch and run from it, or man up and face it head on!”

“Mom would be so disappointed in us…”

“Mom would be so dis- what the fu- Vaivari I should smack you across the face for saying some ■■■■ like that! I don’t give a ■■■■ if that whore is disappointed in us!”

“Don’t say that!”

“Our Mother abandoned us and is off screwing some Ishukone accountant!”


“Shut up! It’s true! She left you behind before you could even wipe your ass Vaivari! She’s off living a completely new life, forgetting all about us! Probably even started a new family! Maybe we got a half-brother or sister somewhere out there, it’s a little ■■■■■■ to think about ain’t it?”


“…■■■■! I might go as far as to say that she’s responsible for all of this…She could had done the heroic thing and took us along when she left that deadbeat we called a Father. Maybe we could’ve had that better life you ‘wish’ you were living instead of this. Nah, she didn’t do that - she left us with that piece of ■■■■ that wailed on you for the tiniest ■■■■…You care to tell me who sprung you out of that nightmare!? Wasn’t mommy now was it?! Who was it Vaivari?!”

“…All you’ve done is drag me into new nightmares.”

“It’s a long trip out of hell! What can I say?! At least I didn’t abandon you like that bitch you looked up to! I took your ass along and kept your stupid ass alive! And I can’t even get you to listen to me for ■■■■■■■ once! Over and over again you hesitate when I’m trying to help you God dammit!”

“You just got screaming at me to shoot my friend! My friend that you just killed yourself!”

“This ■■■■■■■ cockroach isn’t your friend Vaivari! He’s a Serpentis shill that took advantage of you to make a profit! He only gave a ■■■■ about you because unlike half the people in this shithole, you had money…Money - might I add- that was in part thanks to ME - Not you! MEEEEE!”




"…I should’ve never let this ■■■■ set up shop here. I should’ve never let you anywhere near him at first, but I kept my mouth shut and had some ■■■■■■■ faith in you that you’d be smart for ■■■■■■■ once in your life Vaivari…■■■■ me though, right?! ■■■■ me for trusting you to be responsible for yourself!

“I’m…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t tell me you’re sorry! I don’t give a ■■■■ if you’re sorry!..Y-You wanna know something that make mommy disappointed in you? Turning to this shot to ‘escape’ like some weak little punk bitch - I did you a favor in capping this shitheel. So if anything, the words out of your mouth that i wanna hear aren’t “I’m sorry” it’s “Thank you” because god knows I deserve to hear that at least one time out of you before I die for all the messes I’ve cleaned up for you!”


“…Maybe it’s time you clean up a ness for once…Go on! Take this shithead’s corpse out to the ditch outside of town!”

“Y-You can’t be serious!”

“I just plugged this mothefucker for you and you’re gonna ask if I’m serious?! ■■■■ you! Get rid of the body! I’m going back to the office as I still got ■■■■ to do!”



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