Map - View stars and solar sytems

Feed back response from serport ticket,
My request may not be considered, I imploy u "Please Turn off ridicules sound connected to “Map - stars and solar system”.
Due 2 migraines - I request this as a miner searching for systems to mine to which continually protruding from the map once touched, moved. This annoying sound protrudes from the map, out come head acks accrue.
My volume setting r at thier lowest eve online /my computer and yet this sound still remains
Resolve my issue: Dont play eve online or ccp just cut the sound protruding from the map.
Hope this has not fallen on deaf ears, in the event it gets resolve thank u to all concerned.

Sorry to hear you have such a problem with the sounds from the ingame map.

Have you tried the following?

  • Switch to the new map. The old map has strange sounds indeed, but I hear nothing from the new one.
    (there is a setting to swap between the maps)
  • Turn off all sounds. You say your volume is at it’s lowest, but it’s not 0 yet?
  • Turn off your speaker. Then you definitely have 0 volume.

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