[MARAQ] [FUM8] Maraque Enterprises - Join for some Miner Conflict!

Maraque Enterprises, part of Just Let it Happen Alliance, is increasing its pvp and industrial ranks!

We do no focus on just one part of the game… So, what is it that you can do with us?

***** If there is an enemy, shoot it!
***** If there is a signature, scan it! (Oh, bookmark it too…)
***** If there is a rock, mine it!
***** If you want a new battleship, build it!
***** If you instead want a new carrier, build it too!
***** If you see a moon, laser it!
***** Just play the game!

[MARAQ] is NOT new. Visit our killboard to browse our history and capabilities.

  • We were founded by a small group of retired mercenaries and raised a competent group of combat miners. Because why not?
  • We’ve circled null-sec and have fought with and against some of the largest and best alliances in EvE!
  • Our alliance, along with the help of the community, beat CCP and had our name returned to us!
    All The Love

JOIN us now as we continue to fortify our new Perrigen Falls home and network with new friends. Our infrastructure and logistics will allow for anything you’d like to do… as long as you’re willing to fight for your right to do so as any good pilot would do!

Join Channel ‘FUM8’ or ‘EZ Street’ to speak to us about our corporation or alliance.

Bump for visibility!

Added another chat channel. Hope to hear from you.

Still active, still looking.
Come by and say hi.

We have plenty of new pilots that are willing to learn from YOU!

Join MARAQ and lead your fleet! - BLOPS, Small Gang, Mining, Wars, Whatever… We’d love to have as many content creators as possible!

And yes, we also still need many more pilots to go on these fleets!

Still on the lookout for new friends and teammates!

Well hello there.

If you have anything equipped in your high slots, come have a talk with us.

Do you wanna build a spaceship?

Bump for visibility

We are still Hiring!

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