[MARAQ] [FUM8] Maraque Enterprises - Join For Some Miner Conflict!

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Maraque Enterprises, part of Just Let it Happen Alliance, is increasing its pvp and industrial ranks!

We do no focus on just one part of the game… So, what is it that you can do with us?

***** If there is an enemy, shoot it!
***** If there is a signature, scan it! (Oh, bookmark it too…)
***** If there is a rock, mine it!
***** If you want a new battleship, build it!
***** If you instead want a new carrier, build it too!
***** If you see a moon, laser it!
***** Just play the game!

[MARAQ] is NOT new. Visit our killboard to browse our history and capabilities.

  • We were founded by a small group of retired mercenaries and raised a competent group of combat miners. Because why not?

  • We’ve circled null-sec and have fought with and against some of the largest and best alliances in EvE!

  • Our alliance, along with the help of the community, beat CCP and had our name returned to us!
    All The Love

JOIN us now as we continue to fortify our new Genesis home and network with new friends. Our infrastructure and logistics will allow for anything you’d like to do… as long as you’re willing to fight for your right to do so as any good pilot would do!

Join channel Maraque to talk to a recruiter or message Brorr Liason / Eerce . - API required.


Want PvP?

Everything from High Sec War to Null Fleets are within short reach of our location. There are experience pilots and FCs in corp for every style of combat. (Personally, I like the hunt and intel side… I guess large fleets are okay too.)

Looking to make ISK?

Come mine some moon rocks! Your wallet will like it.

If PI is your thing we have good planets at a low tax rate

Need help progressing or low on ISK?

We have free entry-level mining barges and cruisers for those in need!

Most of the time we even have spare doctrine ships to loan out for rapid response fleets.

If you are looking for a great group to do things with; I’d highly recommend us. I could tell some tales about a minion and her ibis, but my kb speaks for itself. If you wanna learn how and have fun doing it, seek us out.

Our fleets are fun, FCs are awesome. Ships are easy and something about logi? Anyways! Come, introduce yourself and have a cookie!

If you like BLOPS and small-gang we’re interested in you.

Lots of opportunity in our range!

24/7 Moon Mining now available!

Hello Brorr

I could not find in which timezone you are active, are you active in EU TZ? Thanks for letting me know.



We have several players from throughout the EU, though I would say we typically have more players from the US/Canada.

Still plenty of activity in Genesis!

Moon rocks are calling to you… will you ignore them? They get quite sad and disappear if they don’t all get adopted.

Great group of people that I’ve known for years now.

Come learn/pew/mine/build/fanfest with us

Still recruiting!

Room for more miners and industrialists.

Seeking combat pilots as well - Tackle to Supers!

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