March 2019 Eve install in a Devuan ascii: Security connector and secure channel creation errors

Hellow friends.

Using 64bits devuan ascii

While installing eve launcher binaries from:

Reading this post i was specting to install some QT and SSL dependences:

But wasn’t neccesary to start the launcher. Everything has been working fine. Without any other install or fix. So no QT or SSL dependences installed, the launcher worked at once, and updated itself to the last version.

Then when all launcher downloads have been done, and the launcher was updated, i was able to introduce my chars account password and then I started the client, but the game was not starting and I found those errors in terminal:

16444] Could not get default pem root certs.
16444] Failed to create secure subchannel for secure name ‘
16444] Failed to create subchannel arguments during subchannel creation.

May be those are related to the old SSL dependencies mentioned in prevous topics?


It seems thats not a problem for the client exefile launch.

Using Debian Buster with WINE 4.3, DXVK 1.0+git and the standard Windows installer of EVE. I have not a single problem to report and for months now.

Ever since around WINE 3.0 got released could one simply use the Windows installer and launcher of EVE. WINE 3.12 then sorted out the last issue (an audio issue) for EVE and it has been a perfectly smooth experience. So much that it has reached a platinum rating at WINE’s app database.

Just avoid installing the Linux-specific launcher software. It has repeatedly caused people problems beyond what’s normal. It provides no performance gain nor makes any of it easier.

Will try. Ty.

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