March of the Newbro: Call for Events 8-17 September!

(Nikolai Mazinkov) #1

March of the Newbro is a project aimed at helping players learn and grow, especially the newer ones!
We are starting our September 2017 Runup. We will host another final small event set in December, then a FULL MONTH in March 2018.

What we need is anyone willing to run a public fleet, tutorial, class, or forum, to sign up for anytime you want between 0001 on September 8th (Friday) through 2359 on September 17th (Sunday), the following Sunday. This 9 day window will give new players the opportunity to experience EvE through the content publicly provided by any organization that gets involved with MotN!

The guidelines for any event are that they be “new player friendly”. This should limit activities to cheaper and lower SP fleets , events, and tactics that Alphas or low SP players newly subbed to the game can accomplish, without giving a hard limit. We need as many submissions as possible within the next Month to get the word out and published as many places as possible. We have a public discord that can be used if you lack a communication app or host server.

A schedule will be updated and posted once events are confirmed.

If you would like to participate in an Alliance Panel, New Player Mass Help/AMA session, or recruiting drive on behalf of your corp or alliance, please make note of that in your comment or PM to me. Otherwise, any event or activity just needs to have the name of the character point of contact or FC, the place, time/date, description (name of event and what to bring or expect) and where to X up.

(Mike Azariah) #2

Let me know where the Bus can be or go to help out and I will be there with fitted ships for the newbros (free, of course) Give me a shade of advance wqarning so I can stockpile properly over the next month.


(Nikolai Mazinkov) #3

Thank you kindly sir. Your efforts are appreciated and your service is most welcome