Newbros on the job training and isk-making corp - Accepting calm but ambitious persons

-The idea is to group up, see where newbro help might be needed to get through the steep Eve learning curve more quickly. After a few months, hopefully some mates will step forward to take over leadership of the corp and make it thrive and prosper. Or, people can take the learning and move on to whatever they like.

-Myself, I’ve been in Eve since 2011, plus a newbro year 2008-2009. I’m kind of space-famous for running an annual Eve fiction contest called Pod & Planet. I’d say at least 10 or so amazing Eve fiction writing nerds know have seen this char’s name, and know it is. I know most about T2 indy, missions, high sec pvp, and getting killed in solo low sec pvp.

-Missions, indy, exploration, maybe some low sec pvp.

-Can donate some skillbooks. Also blueprint copies, if anyone wants some.

-High sec corp, based in Minmatar space around Rens.

Evemail or PM Telegram Sam if interested.


Valliate Goss, get out and post on your own forums thread and don’t spam this one, ye head louse! :slight_smile: (looks like an alright corp, btw)

lol im sorry bro, i clicked the wrong one, ill delete it :slight_smile:

np bro. gl;hf you guys

Hey Tel, been surfing for a month looking for a high sec Matar Corp. I’m a returning pilot took many of years off, made a new toon to bring myself back up to par slowey but surely. Wondering if you are still recruiting and what hours of the day you ruffle on so I can pm you with questions. Thanks

Hey MB. Still recruiting, and I’m usually on from around 23:00 - 25:00 server time. Also weekend mornings 1:00 - 3:00 server time. But I have to honestly say, recently unexpected stuff has come up in RL for me, so I’ve just been in the game a few minutes most days.

PM me mate, we can discuss and see what happens. If we end up forming up, probably we’d just start a fresh new Eve corp from scratch.

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