Mare Sargassum and loot

Hi fellas!

Just curious, does Part 4 of Mare Sargassum not always drop loot? Or rather, do these rats who are supposed to drop loot, have a chance of not dropping anything at all of value? I ran a part 4 of Mare Sargassum this weekend and just got junk worth 60k ISK.

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That’s why unrated escalation are crap.

The Overseer doesn’t always put out. Same as any other escalation.

No they not, drones escalation dropping chips for SOE hulls. It’s just last escalation pocket from Mare is dropping salvage materials if I remember correctly.

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Since you are talking drone complexes, here is something I want to know, do those sentient drones ever drop anything but those drone liquid and this other stuff that isn’t worth much and where do the sentient faction mods come from?

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They are very rare spawns, I got sentient DCU from sentient spawn at
Haunted Yard once. Some drops on escalations. Chips are not so often drops either.


That’s why I told you they are crap.

The amount of loot per site is lower than in ded, plus the time to travel.

I also found some stuff and then I looked at the time I had spent …

Alrighty, I see! Well, thanks a bunch for clearing that up for me fellas! o7

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Luck of the draw.
Mare Sargassum does seem to have fairly bad loot, but Pulverize the Pioneers has never got me less than 60 mil, and dropped a couple of Astero chips over a couple dozen of expeditions. Considering that it’s really easy to get, and very easy to complete, I don’t see a reason to not do it.


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