Margin Trading Question

When you use margin trading, and you don’t have the isk, the order fails.

Is there any notification when this happens? Sometimes I wonder if I’ve had an order fail, but I see no way to know for sure.

I’m guessing it should show a positive entry on the market escrow wallet?

There should be a notification, since the isk is returned to your wallet when the order fails.

A notification how? By email? A popup screen? I don’t think there is a notification, but if there is I’m asking where the notification is.

Your Wallet Journal, all there my friend.

No pop-ups in this case.

I’m guessing there is no notification. There obviously isn’t one in the wallet journal.

You are not notified afaik.

Change in wallet ISK gives you a notification. While youre online, and on the character screen. Your Z icon on the side, flashes, and on the character screen, it will tell you if your isk has gone up or down by using a little arrow that points up or down.

But you don’t get a specific notification that your order has failed…

Like SiRi©® does - A female robotic voice - “Yo Punk, Your fake market order just fail, mwhahahaha…”

SiRi would be the way to go as I doubt CCP would take the time.

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