Market Elasticity and sales volume

I’d like to become better at determining when it’s worth the extra few million isk to trade (sell) rather than sell immediate to a buyer. Does anyone have advice on how to know when it’s worth waiting to sell versus sell immediate to a buyer?

Also does anyone have any experience in how much prices will rebound after a commodities dump? Are prices fairly inelastic? Even tho they seem to respond fast to dumps?

IMO, never sell to a buyer as you can just use alphas to make sell orders…depends on factors like capital, how fast you want your capital back, etc but in general everything will sell eventually…

I must stress the “in general” part again…lots of variables not mentioned…

Yeah we dont need to go down that rabbit hole. Anecdotal is good enough for now.

But I’m leaning toward capital up front. So maybe the answer for my personal use is to sell to buyers until I have enough operating capital to keep operating while waiting for sells to be fulfilled.

But even then it seems a lot of hassle for a few million more profit per transaction. Even if its 25m more profit…its one more active management thing to do?

Though for additional 25m per transaction maybe it’s well worth it.

I dunno when it’s 15 transactions a day or so if it makes a lot of sense to deal with the sells. >.<

If you talking about industry allways go for sell orders. Unless the buy orders are very close to the sell orders. BUT if you need a fast return, I would say go for t2 Indy. Almost all modules( stay away from ships) sells very fast.

Well and down the hole we go :slight_smile:

If you sell to buyers you are automatically giving-up a good percentage (except as @safira_jomita said, when the buy/sell prices are tight) and you should NEVER be “ok” with that. If you are worried that sales velocity is slow as you want your capital back, then it’s more important to research that before hand.

The tough part with your question is that that answer is specific to you: rate of return vs PM/ROI. You unfortunately need to solve that riddle for yourself.

True…for now I’ve been needing the capital immediately to scale up production. But now it has a lot of momentum and I can consider these sales orders.

As you are producing yourself, I can’t stress enough to never use sell orders. I make literally 10%-30% off others hard work just station trading…it’s bonkers.

Research, buy all your base ingredients as low as possible (with sell orders), use a stations with low taxes and ship yourself…then use buy orders and profit.

You sound like you are well on yuor way though so GL and hope the ISK rolls in…

This is what I’ve been doing and it’s so insanely profitable that I havent seen the advantage of sell orders.

But people swear by them!

Also I’d like to get into this but would like to do it in a way that I spend no in game time on it lol…

But I definitely want to boost passive income with trading someday

When you have a good warchest, ie ISK just sitting there, then get into market/station trading. You also should be near enough to a hub that your skills reach it. If you want to station trade then I suggest another account (Alphas) just at the distant station…train them now for use later…

My general problem has been finding things that actually move…I buy. Then sell. And no one buys my sell orders lol

Start with the easy stuff…T2 modules and, ammo or T1 rigs. Also start with SMALL items as they are cheaper and generally move faster.

Remember that you are an indi first and the markets are secondary. Check your orders once a day and put yuor time/energy into building things…the ISK will flow.

Don’t get distracted. Watching the market is a sure way to burn-out due to the .01 ISK wars…

OH I also hope you are buying/making all your own BP/BPC…another huge ISK saver…

Indeed on the bpos!

Ironically I failed on my trades on ammo. I musta picked a shiz ammo

Only go with T2 or faction ammo…(just looked) Even just flipping faction light missiles in Jita will give you in the 5%-8% range (which isn’t great at all) for no work. Move 1B of them over a month at that’s 1/30th of your PLEX! LOL…

…ok not a great example but you get the point. Station trade them and you can easily drive those % up.

Not sure If you meant Volume here, my apologies if you did, but I would like to mention the volume of what ever you are trading, as well as looking on youtube for tricks on reading market trends using the 5 and 20 day averages and given relative supply to demand ratios

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I use then interchangeably but prefer velocity as it’s quantity independent.

Good point about reading averages if you are a indi…

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If you are comfortable with not .01 isking (most people are) then your sell order can become a bit of a market anchor, which is nice as the demand side of the market is likely to come back up to your order price.

You should also consider that selling to buy orders brings the prices down more and more as people realise they have the demand side power, so if you can and are willing split up your product into sell orders and then sell the other portion directly for immediate profits.

Lastly, consider the Brokers Fees. 3% of what your putting an order out for can be ALOT, so if you can find player stations with a .1% in thier name or if you check the services tab in the info window you’ll end up keeping much more profits.

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If you make ( or station trade ) t2 stuff don’t worry about the time. As I said before, t2 sells fast and good with few exceptions.

Some of the more niche things are slower of course like ECM but ya, great advice…

It kinda begs the larger question; what is the point of T1 gear in the grand scope of things?