Market is Broken?

Every single time I try to sell an item with a specific price, it auto sets to the lowest price in the station I’m in and I can’t set it lower than it? Why can I not undercut my competition? It is ruining my gameplay. I have every sell order set to 3 months.

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There had been a rounding change where to undercut would require a whole number.

Ie, Skill Extractors require 100,000 Isk increments to lower the price.

If someone is selling for 1x Skill Extractor for 299,000,000.00 Isk, then to undercut that would require to be 298,900,000.00

There can be other examples though would need to know what item are you selling.


Price precision is now hardcodeed to be to the fourth most significant digit, 0.01 isk wars ar not possible anymore

AND there is now a relisting fee when you try to update existing order:

Space eBay deployment successful.

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