Market order default immediate

Is there anywhere in options to set sell market orders to default to immediate. Just made two 2 mill transactions paying brokerage when I shouldn’t have, as I’d previously placed a sell order for two week period.

You can set it to immediate and it stays that way. On the screen to sell items, if you look where it shows how many days to have on market, change that to immediate.

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2m is a cheap price for that lesson…


I keep getting tripped up by this. The setting is only kept until you make an order that’s not immediate. It simply defaults to whatever was used last. I know Eve loves being difficult, but I could use a little quality of life improvement here.

don’t be quick to hit the sell button… look over the window before hitting sell.

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Uh, I’m pretty sure all market players burned some (multi-)millions of ISK because of sloppiness: I’ve once deleted the “.”-separator, making the price 100-fold, also resulting in very expensive taxes. Of course nobody was interested to buy, so I had to pay again to readjust the price.
Just check what you’ve just entered and set, after a short time you know where to look.

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