Market order warning for too big/low price disappeared

There used to be a warning if an order was too far from the market average price. now it disappeared, both in photon and normal UI as it seems. It has already cost me some billions. Going to fix it soon™?

It can be reset in settings - one of the tabs has a list of all the pop-ups.

I’ve suppressed that one by clicking the “don’t show again” box by accident before.

There is no such warning suppressed in settings. It seems that it is active. In fact, it works on order modifications - it doesn’t on orders creation.

make sure to also submit a bug report in game via F12 → Report Bug @Donna_Sapfo

Yup, I submitted a bug report. It just seems strange, noone else had this problem?

This you?

Because if you, The People thank you.

no refunds

no, some other hapless victim of CCP’s spaghetti code.

Bug fixed.

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