High/low price warning when relisting an order

There are warnings in game that pop up when you try to sell an item for too low (when creating a sell order):
As well as when you buy for too high (when creating a buy order):
However, there are no warnings upon relisting an order with inappropriate price:

It would be a nice QoL improvement to have such warnings when relisting orders too, as I don’t see any logical obstacle to add them in the game.

I personally ran into this problem recently when relisted a buy order and accidentally added an extra 0 in the order price. The order then updated with x10 times larger price and closed instantlly, making someone out there very happy. I submitted a ticket on this topic in Help Center and GM suggested me to highlight this issue here. So, there it is.

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I believe we need training wheels and safety nets for new players while they are on the steep edge of the learning curve but, at some point we need to accept the consequences of our mistakes. Loss is supposed to matter in Eve and it shouldn’t matter whether you are playing the combat simulation or the economic simulation.

When I make a mistake like that (like a BPC kit that accidentally contained BPO’s!) I just hope the player who got the windfall was someone who needed it and it made a big difference to their game.

Edit: Just read the patch notes - looks like they may have fixed it.
“Fixed an issue preventing the warning for too high/too low price for advanced buy order and modify order windows from appearing User Interface:”

Yep, just checked, it is indeed fixed, I guess they knew and worked on it before I noticed.

WOW… that just sucks… Now no more profititing or loosing money off fat fingering?? Not being able to order update to ensure sales unless doing stacks of 1… i guess CCP is going screw the market… Its EVE “thunderdome” full tilt huh…

They “fixed” it so well you get a warning sound for every immediate sell with the correct price …

Yup and with new relisting fees you got to be extra careful not to make mistakes when modifying prices.

So a notification “At this price, you are really gonna ■■■■ your wallet by making this adjustment! Are you sure you really want to bleed your wallet right now?”

Also when you accidentally sell something super cheap or buy it really expensively overpriced you get the error buzzer “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! You just ■■■■’d your wallet! OR Congratulations! Item has been trashed for dirt cheap!”

Honestly the worst part is having to wait 5 minutes and again pay the relist fee to put your market orders back to the price you wanted them to be.

Drain my wallet or make my items disappear for dirt prices, fine! Please just don’t waste my time.

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