Market Tracking Spreadsheet & More

For those of you who like market seeding otherwise trading in structures, I have the sheet for you! This sheet allows you to:

  • Track the market orders of all items you’ve added
  • Track set warehouse contents for any excess items or items waiting to go on the market
  • Undercut tracking
  • Sell and multi buy order templates
  • Use multiple characters to track orders

The sheet works amazing but is still in the process of growing. It is constantly being updated and there is a list of planned features in my discord to show what is to come. A lot has already been added with more to come!

Im not charging anyone to use the sheet, but I will very happily accept donations :slight_smile:

The sheet can be found at my discord: Highfly's Place Of Sheetery


New update!!

Update #002


  • Overview not displaying correctly

New Features:

  • Corp order support!! (corp warehouse’s not added yet, but will be soon)
  • Max items increased to ~950 items
  • Ability to set a percentage in Need to Buy sheet to avoid buying 1 drone when there’s 49 on the market for example
  • Hid all of the backend tabs

Update #003


  • Issue adding items with ’ in front like (‘Augmented’ Mining Drone). You will have to add an extra ’ in front for it to load properly. For Example: (’‘Augmented’ Mining Drone).
  • Assets not displaying properly in warehouse.

New Features:

  • Separated the Market and the Warehouse to different pages
  • Can now delete Market related pages or Warehouse related pages if not wanted. Check #available-sheets for updated set-up info.
  • Added a Total Item counter on Market and Warehouse overviews
  • Efficiency cleaning
  • Some color scheme changes to differentiate overviews.