Tycoon 2.0 Market & Warehouse Tracking Spreadsheet

For those of you who like market seeding otherwise trading in structures, I have the sheet for you! This sheet allows you to:

  • Track the market orders of all items you’ve added
  • Track set warehouse contents for any excess items or items waiting to go on the market
  • Undercut tracking
  • Sell and multi buy order templates
  • Use multiple characters to track orders
  • Corporation support
  • Much more!

I’m not charging anyone to use the sheet, but I will happily accept donations :slight_smile:

The sheet can be found here: TYCOON 2.0 - Google Sheets

The updated Market-Tycoon 2.1 sheet can be found here:

Also my discord is: Discord

(setup for the Market-Tycoon sheet is almost exactly the same, just without the warehouse stuff)

Tycoon Sheet

  1. Open up link and make a copy of the sheet
  2. In your new copy, rename the sheet and the green overhead cell to suite the market
  3. Go to the top toolbar > Add-ons > GESI > Authorize Character and follow the instructions
  4. Go to Settings, input the desired market information as shown to get set up with the market information. (Each market will have it’s own information and own spreadsheet)
  5. Go to Item List, either copy-paste items, or manually enter all items you wish to track. Also enter the Goal QTY for the market and warehouse. That qty is used for tracking the amount of items you want on the market at a time as well as measuring a max number of items you want in the warehouse before alarming for overstock.
  6. Go to the top toolbar > Market Sheet Tools > Refresh All Data
  7. Done!
  8. Adjust yellow highlighted cells on the Overviews as needed to manage the market and your sheet the way you want.
    You can refresh all data anytime
    You can also set station containers as a “warehouse” instead of the entire station, if you would like to do that, pm me and I’ll walk you through finding the right location ID.
  • You can use the page Order Creation with or without any of the other pages.

Settings example with station location ID set and a Station Container location ID set: Screenshot by Lightshot

To look up structure ID, follow this short: Screen capture - 2a33943ad160a3da54d8588b16dffc90 - Gyazo



New update!!

Update #002


  • Overview not displaying correctly

New Features:

  • Corp order support!! (corp warehouse’s not added yet, but will be soon)
  • Max items increased to ~950 items
  • Ability to set a percentage in Need to Buy sheet to avoid buying 1 drone when there’s 49 on the market for example
  • Hid all of the backend tabs

Update #003


  • Issue adding items with ’ in front like (‘Augmented’ Mining Drone). You will have to add an extra ’ in front for it to load properly. For Example: (’‘Augmented’ Mining Drone).
  • Assets not displaying properly in warehouse.

New Features:

  • Separated the Market and the Warehouse to different pages
  • Can now delete Market related pages or Warehouse related pages if not wanted. Check #available-sheets for updated set-up info.
  • Added a Total Item counter on Market and Warehouse overviews
  • Efficiency cleaning
  • Some color scheme changes to differentiate overviews.

Hello all!

I released 2 more patches, the information can be found on my discord. Also just updated the original post information to better suite the updated version of the sheet. Lastly I will be making an instructional set-up video as well as a video detailing the back-end of the sheet! Stay tuned to here or the discord to catch the release! :slight_smile:

Fly safe o7

New update released completely fixed the warehouse page since the major overhaul broke it. A lot of bugs ironed out :blush:

Market-Tycoon Release

New Features:

  • Sorting options on the Market Overview
  • Split off from Tycoon 2.0 so it is a specialized marketing sheet
  • Added multiple location pricing for the Order Creation page
  • Added stat for Normal orders
  • Updated SDE
  • Added and hid columns in item pasting areas to allow asset pasting from the game
  • Scrubbed the back-end and custom functions and improved the sheet’s efficiency
  • Converted a lot to named ranges for readability purposes to any editors

The market sections of the Tycoon 2.0 sheet has been split off and upgraded. Eventually the warehouse sections will be as well.

So there is now a separate warehouse sheet aswell as the market sheet. They are on the discord so feel free to join and grab them for free until I update the main post here! :slight_smile:

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