{Highfly's Trade Package} Automate Your Trading COMPLETELY

Highfly’s Trade Package

This forum post is closed, however the discord is still operational along with the spreadsheets! RL has just taken precedence over actively flying :slight_smile:

A little about me. I have created the more known sheets below along with literally dozens of other custom spreadsheets for players and myself. My work speaks for itself and with that said, I will be able to help with any personalization you would like to make with this package.

The trade package is already built and continuously being used to completely automate large scale trading of multiple hubs.

Not only does the package include the spreadsheets, but it also includes any accommodations you may need to personalize it to best match your situation. I also will provide ongoing support and updates.

These sheets are connected and update to the ESI endpoints using GESI. All the data is automatically pulled from the game and sorted throughout the sheets.

The sheets included are:

  • Profitability Calculator V1.4.0
  • Market Management V1.1.0
  • Restocking - Price Lookup V1.1.0
  • Private version of the Market Tracking Sheet V1.0.0

Profitability Calculator V1.4.0 - 4B

Profitability Calculator is built for setting up new markets or checking new items for an existing market to see what is viable to start stocking. This sheet is also fantastic when marginal trading along with the intended purpose of market seeding.

  • Compares prices to or from ANY citadel, NPC station, system, or region. (The character auth’d needs to have access to the citadel)
  • Check pricing against buy or sell orders in any location including citadels.
  • Sell hub price is set to 0.999% for copy-paste undercutting the competition
  • Markup null or “0” priced items based on the buy price
  • Can edit taxes
  • Sorting options
  • Can set a bad ROI to only highlight items that fit your profit style
  • Add up to 15 locations (Can add more by creating more rows).
  • Check up to 996 unique items (Can add more by creating more rows).
  • Tax costs are built in to the buy price
  • Can set a custom undercut percentage for the sell location

Market Management V1.1.0 - 6B

The Market Management Sheet offers the most automation compared to the other sheets and is the main sheet for managing the market. It supports multiple locations and a unique items list per location with a goal quantity per item. It tracks your orders and only displays items that are low or out of stock. Then compares profitability so you can see what you should buy. Last it is setup in a multibuy format and compares the items quantity left on market with your goal quantity so you buy only what you need.

  • Only displays items under the Max Stock Level threshold set
  • Profit checks the items using buy and sell locations
  • Location supports NPC stations, Citadels (if you have docking access), Systems, Regions
  • Displays item volume on market from selected sell location
  • Displays stock left per item
  • Supports 10 sell hubs with a custom item list per hub
  • When hub is selected it uses the uniquely set item list
  • Quantity is calculated from the goal you set and the current listed so you never overbuy
  • Layout is setup to support copy-paste into multi-buy
  • Sell price is set to already undercut the competition to allow copy-paste into sell order
  • Sort by any column
  • Currently only works with corporation orders, single and multi-character support to come

Restocking - Price Lookup V1.1.0 - 2B

The Restocking - Price Lookup Sheet is for when you get your items shipped to the location and want to list your items. You paste all your items in that sheet and grab the Undercut price so you can copy paste prices into the sell window for quick sell order setups on a new delivery. It can also be used for overcutting buy orders.

  • Paste in inventory to grab a sell or buy price for each item you paste
  • Looks up lowest price in the region, system, or citadel you are trading in
  • Can edit undercut price to get a copy-paste price for creating orders
  • Ability to add 10 unique locations, or much more if requested

Market Tracking Sheet V1.0.0 - 1B

Lastly the Market Tracker, (extended version of Market Tycoon public sheet), is used for actually seeing the realish (In regards to ESI’s cache) time overview of how your items are doing in the market. What’s undercut, low stock, out of stock. The difference is that version has the Undercut price included so for all items that are undercut, you can use the price in the right column to edit your orders quickly and undercut the competition. This sheet ensures you can keep control of the markets you are seeding.

  • Tracks orders in specific Station/Structure
  • Works with corp/multi char orders
  • Undercut calculations only work with Citadels at the moment
  • Tracks specified items
  • Provides detailed information on your items
  • Similar to the public sheet, other than the unreleased undercut copying feature

With all the spreadsheets being used together, the majority of your trade operation will be automated. All you have to do is buy, sell, and haul with the calculated information.

Feel free to PM me in game or on Discord @ Snowdevil#5745
Or join my discord @ Highfly's Place Of Sheetery | Trade & Beyond

Bulk package price: 10 Billion ISK

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Refactored all of the spreadsheets for a faster experience. Added new features to the Price Comparison sheet.

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HUGE update coming to all the sheets regarding profit checking. You then will be able to check against station, system, or region prices! No more manually surfing orders when you can automate the price pulling and profit checking!

This update will not add cost to the package and all existing users will get it for free.

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