Trader101 Profitability Calculator

Trader101 Profitability Calculator

This sheet provides a resource to help sell profitable items in any of the major trade hubs!

It works with player structures you have added to the sheet. It will go through each and every item in the citadel and compare the prices to the major hub selected. You can then sort the information any which way you want. Some features are:

  • Complete citadel item list compared to any selected major trade hub, buy or sell.
  • Ability to sort the information by any column shown.
  • Can add in taxes and fees to get a realistic margin.
  • Can set good ROI or Volume to determine what cells should be highlighted green for profitability.
  • Displays volume of the sell order with the lowest price to determine how many of the items you can actually profit off of.
  • Can add as many citadels as the heart desires.

There may be more that I can’t think of at the moment but overall it is a great sheet for all levels of trading.

This is a paid premium sheet with a 1 time purchase price which includes all future updates.

Price: 1.5b

Feel free to pm or tag me to notify me that you are interested in buying the sheet so I know who to send it to.

Also feel free to reach me at my discord: Highfly's Place Of Sheetery | Trade & Beyond

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I used this on one citadel one time. Bought a couple thousand m3 of items for 1.6b. The sell orders in Jita are worth 2.2b. Also the items started selling very quickly and I made about 150-200m in profit per day.

All in all, you can easily make your money back and then plenty more with this sheet :money_mouth_face::blush:

Just realized this should be in the market section of the forums :joy:

Nonetheless, kick off your trade career with this sheet. Or expand into another profitable branch of trading from your current empire!

Updated discord link, was depricated.

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