Market Trading - What is reasonable return?

Just some interesting observations if anyone wants to discuss further.

I’d say that a reasonable rate of return is in the range of 3million to 7million per order.

The methodology of this conclusion is how much it takes to complete a buy and sell order cycle with the completion being somewhere in the 6-12 hour range so you have higher turnover per day.

There’s larger margins, but the competition is pretty high so you may just end-up cancelling and it’s not a stable market; there’s also larger returns per orders but often these complete at a slower rate so averaged over day(s) it doesn’t work out to much more than a 3 to 7 million per order per 6-12 hour range anyway.

If you expect 10million return on your order, it seems very few of those will complete with in a day, there’s a few markets where that’s possible.

There is no cookie cutter answer to this. I trade quite a bit as my active platy time is limited at the moment, made 2 billion in 2 days on 9 orders on a 2 billion investment. Thats 100% return. takes a lot of time and research to figure out what sells for what and where.

I should clarify this is just straight Jita trading, buying out of Perimeter.

What I quoted of you sounds like you either did a bit of transport or got lucky.

I’ve consistently seen the 3 to 7 million as predictable steady hum.

I’ve gotten quite large returns as well but it’s hard to average them because of their “one off” nature, over-all (asset tracking) has been a little hard myself because I’ll just stop playing for 3-4 months at a time.

For intance another observation is Hulls are consistently around 2-5 million range. You rarely find a hull outside of that return and if you do, it’s going to end up being your loss because you’re catching a falling dagger.

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