Return on investment (cost recovery measure)

Okay, I’m pretty sure this exists somewhere, but I’m struggling to locate it.

I’ve seen a number of sites that give isk/hour for various activities in Eve- and those are great, but they don’t take into account cost of ship+equipment.

For instance, 50 million isk/hour sounds great to me, but then I see it requires 1.5 billion ship+equipment; suggesting that set-up needs 30 hours to get my investment back.

I’d love to see some ship/activity combinations where the time to recover the cost of equipment is <2 hours (under 1 hour would be amazing- but probably not realistic). Does anyone know if such a resource exists? I’m sure others have thought about this long before me.

Last I checked cherry picking mercoxit ore would fit that criteria. Morphite crashed a bit since then but I think it still pays for the barge :smiley:

Similarly, a good moon will also pay back your barge in short order.

Gas huffing is also a good ROI. Even myko is like 30m/hour and a venture or prospect will pay itself off quickly.

Nullsec exploration also pays out nicely in Guristas/Sanshas space but that doesn’t scale well.

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Don’t just look at the rewards. Consider the risks.

Lowsec and Null are dangerous. Sooner or later you will lose a ship.

Can you accept that?
Will you rage quit?
Can you afford to replace it quickly?
Can you afford to replace 2-3-4 ships in a short period of time?

It’s not all gold out there.

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I think this comment is key for me.

I don’t mind losing a ship here or there as long as it’s easy to make it back. The key part for me is- it’s hard to find the activities that’ll make back the cost of the ship so quickly.

stick to activities that will not require an expensive ship, or a large ship, until you get comfortable using that particular ship, then work on moving up… you can try exploring, which can net good isk.


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