Mass disconnect?

Pretty sure everyone just got disconnected.

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You don’t need to post about it.


I will delete this post the second CCP says ‘yeah, whoops, something just happened, lol, soz’ if you would like?

Betcha a ton of absmal runners who DC’d are going to be hell mad having to fill in tickets to get their ships back.

yeah, whoops, something just happened, lol, soz

You are not CCP.

1 Like is generally the best place to check.


Attempting to inform the uninformed will just drive you to leave the ISD as so many before you. Best of luck anyway!

That’s nice, but the yellow bars for outages are for the 3rd and the graph with the big dip in it is for the 4th. Something is off with the timings there. No way is there a 5k player dip with no problem reported, or a 1 minute game outage with 0 players dropped.

Local is bugged today. W00t!

Chat channels are borked for 1.5 hours but according to that the server is totally fine

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Yep, cannot trust those graphs worth a hill of beans. Its probably worth reminding people that in Iceland its a public holiday, so its possible that chat will be trash for a good while.