Did anyone else DC around 0700 June 24, or just me?


Got a new error message that I’ve never seen before. At first, I assumed it was server side, especially since there were two mass DC’s in the previous 24 hours, but eve-online isn’t showing any major dips at the time I DC’ed. So, I dunno.

I get this all the time, sometimes ill disconnect on all my open clients, sometimes only 1 or 2. Dont know why it happens, checked my logs and wasnt anything on my end, guessing its just CCPs hamsters got tired running their servers

i have had consistent disconnects on several of my accounts when i am doing PI and have the planets up. perhaps the exciting large graphics load is a factor, i also get random disconnects whenever i exceed 5 clients during mining ops.

This usually occurs when you start a client with an account that is already running.

Your launcher log file for the session in question might have provide more details on why this occurred for you. But since the launcher only keeps the last five logs it’s unlikely you still have the log for that session.

If this happens again I recommend you take a look at the log. The log would be located in


To open the folder directly Press Windows key + R and post the above line in and press enter.

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