Masuataa Matari Recruiting Ushra'Khan

Speak now, those who would answer the call! Let your voice be heard, and your soul be counted amongst the warriors of the Masuat’aa Matari

go to channel Masuat’aa Public

We at Masuataa Matari are one of the founding corps of UK we are involved in faction warfare pvp pve null low sec and mining we are small group looking to grow we are very friendly and will help new and old players alike we don’t have a skill point requirements

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  • What we expect from you:

You are a Minmatar
Mature and social player
Age 18+
Omega account preferred, but Alpha accounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis
We have no skill points requirements, it’s the attitude that counts. But you are expected to train, improve and eventually hold your own
Willing to participate in PvP activities and Factional Warfare. No PvP experience required but must be willing to learn
Ability to use Teamspeak (headphones + mic)
Reasonable character name, no ridiculous names, please (e.g. MastaKilla)
Willing to provide an API key for background check

Still open for application s

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